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CrossFit Radio Weekend Edition 15 090530 by Dave Young - CrossFit Journal

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June 02, 2009

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This is the 15th episode of CrossFit Radio Weekend, which aired at 6:00 p.m. PDT on Saturday, May 30th, 2009.

Tony Budding discusses the CrossFit Games: where they’ve been and where they’re going. Among the topics covered were the video submissions for The Last Chance Qualifiers and the growing international interest in the Games. As the Qualifiers drew to a close, Tony talked about highlights, lowlights and lessons learned. He also touched on how the Games and Qualifiers might expand next year.

31:20 Dave interviewed Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone. Barry discussed the principles of eating for performance, and various diet strategies for competitive athletes.

51min 10sec

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21 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Weekend Edition 15 090530”


wrote …

Bring us more on the strength bias program. Thanks


wrote …

CF strength bias show please...


Search the radio files there is at least one CFSB episode if not two.


Ryan Hudson wrote …

If there is as much confusion out there regarding Strength Bias as Dave eludes to it would be a disservice not to clear it up.


wrote …

There may have been other radio episodes where CFSB came up in the discussion, but there are still a lot of questions out there. I'd love to hear Dave speak to Jeff again, specifically regarding CFSB.


wrote …

I would like to hear another show about CFSB.


Matt Charney wrote …

I would like to hear more Barry Sears. What his suggestions for strength athletes or athletes trying to put on mass would be. I have heard the endurance stuff from him before. Greg A proved it can be done with the 24hr run.

Dave usually gets some good questions in but I didn't hear what I wanted.

Maybe next time.


bob nordeen wrote …

yes I would like to hear more from Barry Sears and I would like to hear another show about CrossFit strength bias. Love the show:)


wrote …

Yes, I also want to know more about CF-strength bias. Please do a show about it. Thanks.


wrote …

Yes a show on the stregth bias would be great


wrote …

Yes please -more CF Strength Bias info!

Thank you for a top show Dr. S is a top guest - more of him please too! :-)


wrote …

Another vote for a show dedicated exclusively to CFSB.


wrote …

Hearing directly from Dr. Sears was great. Could you do a full hour with him sometime? :)


wrote …

CFSB please.


wrote …

CFSB plz.

also... i hate to say it but Dr. Sears, aside from being arguably the greatest contributor to fitness nutrition, is a huge dork I'm so glad that he wrote a book instead of say... a series of youtube lectures or something... ;)


wrote …

Another keen listener endorsing more info on CFSB and its application.

Keep up the good work.


Sven Meyer wrote …

CFSB por favor :)


wrote …

there's a search tool at the top of the page y'all...

CFR episode 31 covered Strength Bias

and the Strength Bias article:


wrote …

More CFSB please.


wrote …

I'm curious to see how some of the nutrition people in the community feel about what Dr. Sears has said in this interview. I've seen some comments by Rob Wolf and some of the people over at CFE. Especially the comment about what to eat prior to a marathon and nutrition during the race (Sears' recommendation to not eat..) What about the ultra athelte who is going longer than 3 hours?


wrote …

Dave: If as you say "judging your loads by 1 rep max is a cheap and easy distraction... & certainly does not serve the goal of fitness" then why did the brain trust at CFHQ have a CrossFit Total as one of the workouts at the 2007 games? Please answer this on your Strength Bias show,thanks.

Not pro or con but just as an observer it seems there has been a strength bias in past Games and some of the recent qualifiers.Some in the community have recogonized this and acknowledged they need to do supplemental strength training to have a chance.Why? because the Micheals,Helens,Filthy Fifties,10k's,etc.. of the national WODS are not sufficient to build and maintain the kind of strength required to take on the Josh Everett's or Jason Khalifa's in a CFT Total or heavy Grace.Would guys like Dutch or Chris Speal have even made the cut at the Nor Cal qualifiers against those heavier guys on the 185lb cleans & 315lb deads?Better train strength the way things are stacked now.

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