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June 15, 2009

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The 17th episode of CrossFit Radio Weekend with Dave Young aired live at 6:00 p.m. PDT on June 13th, 2009.

03:57 Dave previewed an upcoming CrossFit Journal article by Mike Warkentin entitled “Is Punishment a Dirty Word?” and then offered his own thoughts on the use of “motivational consequences” to get athletes off their butts.

11:40 When Globo gyms masquerade as CrossFit gyms, it’s bad for everyone. Jason Galvan posted on the subject recently on the CrossFit discussion board. Dave moderated a discussion with Jason and Lisbeth Darsh, the CrossFit HQ affiliate director.

32:50 Paul "Apolloswabbie" Eich contributed a “hard fought wisdom” segment on why scaling down workouts can often be the smart thing to do. In a follow up interview, Paul and Dave discussed the importance of intensity.

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3 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Weekend, Episode 17 ”


Brian White wrote …

In regards to coaching styles. My HS basketball coach was very fiery much like that of Bob Knight. I enjoyed this type of motivation because the intent was for me to improve. He never demeaned anyone, he simply yelled and mentored you in a loud, hyper and enthusiastic manner. I believe and use the same methods when I coach and also as part of my job in the military. However, this style does not work with the majority of the people, at least not of the surface. But I believe that many people deep down enjoy this style and benefit greatly from it. They will refuse to say this especially right after the style being used on them. Ask them months and years later if the coaching style worked and improved them, they will say absolutely. Discipline. It has to come from an outside source before it can be manifested on the inside. Self-discipline is the most difficult of the disciplines.


wrote …


I just wanted to drop you a comment to let you know that I am officially your 15th permanent listener. Your show has saved my sanity and quite possibly the lives of some of my less than intelligent co-workers. I'm a recently discharged veteran and in the last six months I have gone from hanging out with hard charging, fire-breathing, crossfitting, Military BASTARDS- to spending my days around lab coat wearing, pencil pushing, Globo-gym belonging, Crossfit haters. Needless to say the transition has been rough. Fortunately I have an IPOD, and I subscribe to your wonderful program. So when the day is dragging on, and the clock isn't moving fast enough to get me out the door and off to my local affiliate, I just pop in my ear buds and rock out one of your episodes. It helps me to not explode at people in the break room at lunch when I hear them talking about how their globogym trainer told them that doing light weights for more reps will give them a more toned look, without bulking them up. You see, you're radio show is the only bastion of sanity I have to escape to when Im at work, and I thank you for it. Godbless you guys.


wrote …

Y'ello CrossFit Radio!!

Just wanted to say thank you very much for this opportunity to give my two cents. It was great to meet you Dave!

I am happy to announce that I successfully completed the Level 1 cert in Aromas CA on June 20-21 and was blown away by the trainers and fellow attendees who made this such a great experience. I was stoked to meet the CrossFit celebrities that I have been watching on the CF Journal for the past two years including Jason, Freddy, Dave, Jolie, and Pat to name a few. Plus the chance to run The Hill was awesome! Thank you all for the great experience and training...and for helping me knock 5 mins off my Fran time!! You too, Nico and Jeremy.

Now... off to open CROSSFIT STOCKTON!!!!!

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