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Everyone Can Drive From The Hip by Again Faster - CrossFit Journal
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Tony Budding was member of the team from CrossFit HQ that traveled to San Antonio, Texas in February 2008 to work with members of the Warrior Transition Battalion from Brooke Army Medical Center at a special Level 1 Certification.

In this video from Again Faster, Tony works on hip drive with Matt Miles, an athlete with a leg prosthesis. Matt’s range of motion is limited. But Tony points out that there is great variation in how much dip is used even by accomplished athletes, and Matt should seek to use what he can.

The key is keeping the range of motion smooth and safe and in the right plane, in a way that takes advantage of the muscle’s natural stretch reflex. It’s an excellent illustration of the concept of universal scalability.

Tony coaches Matt in much the same way he would any other athlete and says at the end: “Good. You’re working. I like it! I like it! That’s great. That’s where we’re going to get the gains.”

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Humbling! Just today I was belly-aching about having to workout with sutures in my finger. Thanks for the reality check.


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Man, I'd love to be able to go down and train/help train with these guys. Very inspiring.



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Great job Matt! Symptoms from MS and a few missing lamina in my cervical spine cause me to fight my way through more than a few of the things we do pursuing CrossFit, so to see you working the program and overcoming the limitations of your prosthesis is stirring to me. It reminds me that my issues are but a minor inconvenience in comparison to yours and those of our wounded warriors and others. You're truly inspiring dude. Keep it up!

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