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June 21, 2009

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Jon Gilson of Again Faster sits down with Greg Hammond of Concept2 and the two men come up with a comprehensive buying guide for used C2 rowers. A key point: replacing the monitor will cost $160, so factor this into your negotiations and buying decisions.

The Model A, almost 30 years old, is now mostly a historical curiosity for collectors. Its speedometer readings are difficult to translate into meters and calories.

The Model B, about 20 years old, can often be purchased for about $300-$400. It is may not the best option for CrossFitters because of limited readings from its monitor.

The Model C, with the PM2 monitor, is probably the oldest model CrossFitters would want to consider. Expect to pay from $450-$550. But watch for corrosion in the battery compartment, which is right above the circuit board. Remember that replacing the monitor will cost $160.

The relatively new Model D, with PM3 monitor, is the model most often seen in CrossFit affiliates and at CrossFit Games Qualifiers. The Model D sells for $900 new. For the moment, the after market is so limited that you can expect to pay only $100-$150 less for a used Model D in excellent condition. If you see a Model D advertised for less and it’s in good condition, grab it fast. You’ve found yourself a bargain.

The Model E includes a heart rate monitor and is seen more often in globo gyms than CrossFit affiliates. It is higher off the ground and suitable for less conditioned athletes or those with knee problems.

Models D and E feature a slot for a log card that can be used to track times and distances. CrossFitters are welcome ask questions on the Concept 2 website, where where on-water rowers are starting to pay attention to some impressive times posted by CrossFitters. Finally, the folks at Concept 2 are athletes themselves who have great respect for people who puke on their machines.

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5 Comments on “How to Buy a Used C2 Rower ”


wrote …

Right on! Thanks for the info.


wrote …

question about pm monitor. i have a model C. My monitor turns on and you can change the distant or time for a workout but when you start rowing nothing turns on............i.e. time, distance, etc. it shows the information you set but nothing clicks off. any thoughts, advice or suggestions?


wrote …

Great info, it really makes me want one in the garage, going to look at a used C today. Talk about timely articles.


wrote …

John, The problem I don’t think is with the monitor it sounds like a classic “pick up wire” issue. That is the wire that goes from the PM2 down the monitor arm and reads the magnets that are on the flywheel. It is a pretty easy fix and the part number is PN# 1748 and it is $11.15 . If it would be easier just call C2 and we can look into it more but I am 99% positive that is the issue. – Greg / C2


wrote …

I feel soooo fortunate picked up a C on CL for $ good condition as well...thanks for the info!

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