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Perfecting the Push Press by Joe Westerlin - CrossFit Journal

Perfecting the Push Press

By Joe Westerlin

In Coaching, Olympic Lifts, Videos

June 23, 2009

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Joe Westerlin, owner and head coach at CrossFit Omaha, leads a group class on the push press, correcting a multitude of errors along the way.

Joe begins by cautioning against positioning the elbows behind the bar. This can quickly lead to problems, including an arched back and the inability get the bar over the midline.

Joe goes on to correct an athlete whose chest is falling forward. The movement should be straight up and down, with the hips popping open on the dip. “As soon as your hips open up and you get that bar about two inches above your forehead, I want you getting your torso under the bar,” Joe says. The shoulder should be in line with the hip, not way out in front.

Joe points out that about half the class is doing the wrong thing with their heads: just tilting it back. The correct movement is to move the torso and pull the head back, a bit like what a tortoise does.

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wrote …

There is a problem with this video.


replied to comment from Mike Wright

Please delete this comment when the problem is corrected.

Specifically, the quicktime file plays correctly, but the the link to the .wmv is broken


Ned Ferguson wrote …

Isn't it more like a turkey? :)


wrote …

super coach :)


wrote …

Super helpful - I used to think this was a simple move . . . just got schooled. Thanks!


Greg Tutunjian wrote …

Awesome instructional video - I can see where I can improve this move now. Thanks for sharing!


wrote …

really good simple explinations


wrote …

Awesome coach, with a great sense of humor. You've gotta love Joe! :-)


wrote …

Great video coach ! Helpful to see the mistakes and how to fix them.


wrote …

and all this time i thought i was doing a good job! thanks for the great tips!


James Byerly wrote …

What a great coach! Very positive and super technical!


wrote …

Really good coach!

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