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June 13, 2009

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Not everyone can use the Turkish Get Up to press another human overhead. But everyone can learn the proper technique for doing a Turkish Get Up with a kettlebell.

Recently GSX Athletics hosted kettlebell expert Jeff Martone for a two day seminar. The crew from CrossFit Again Faster was there to catch some of the action. Jeff takes us through the kettlebell Turkish Get Up step by step and corrects the common errors made by some of the seminar participants.

Jeff emphasizes the importance of using two hands to pick up and set down the kettlebell for safety reasons. Before getting up, the chest should be open and the shoulders back and down. The wrist should be straight and perpendicular to the floor. The kettlebell should then be pressed straight up. “Nice and easy,” said Jeff. “Nothing to it.”

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3 Comments on “Learning The Turkish Get Up ”


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isn't this an older video? still a good one though.


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wrote …

Where are the instructions and the break down of the exercise? He just shows it. When you want to teach someone you need to explain it...for instance:
1. Shoulder has to be in the socket.
2. Scapula has to be down on the deck
3. Elbow locked out before you even begin.
4. Hip needs to turn and knee rolls on the leg that is flexion.
5. You don't move your hand when you lock out the elbow in the tricep press.
6. No mention of hip extension when bringing the the leg that was in extension to flexion.

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