Arm Wrestling Explained

By Travis Bagent

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June 14, 2009

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World Champion arm wrestler Travis Bagent will be taking on all comers at The CrossFit Games in Aromas, California on July 10-12, 2009. In this video, Travis demonstrates three basic arm wrestling moves and explains why they’re often misunderstood by people unfamiliar with the sport. Slow motion replays from competition follow each demonstration.

First up: the top roll. Travis describes it as the art of pulling your opponent towards you by applying back pressure. You manipulate the starting position and thrust under and into the table as you go down. Your opponent feels his hand opening up. The side pressure makes his wrist open up. Pretty soon, it’s game over.

Next up: the hook. You lock your wrist into a curl and form a hook. Pull-ups help in training for this move. When force is applied, your opponent sees the palm of his hand. That’s not good. Travis says: “If you’re looking at the palm of your hand you shouldn’t be in an arm wrestling match, because you’ve got some problems.”

Last up: the shoulder roll. This is a dangerous move that’s rarely used. You get your body on the outside of your hand and drive your opponent to the pin pad by pushing, rather than pulling.

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16 Comments on “Arm Wrestling Explained ”


Brian White wrote …

I love this guy. I love his attitude and confidence. I would like to see him arm wrestle a couple of Crossfitters but take it easy on them. I have seen some of his training methods, lots of pull-ups and pull-up holds.


Tyler Weir wrote …

That was fascinating. I was glued to this video.


wrote …

What happened with the Russian?


Austin @Unlimited wrote …

He'd make a great color analyst for espn's aired arm wrestling, if he isn't one already. And yeah...what did happen with the Russian?


Billy Howard wrote …

So I guess arm wrestlin must be one of the events this year at the finals....


wrote …

Yea, his confidence is awesome.

+10 style points for comparing his sport with elementary school.


wrote …

Great video!

I hope he doesn't tire himself out arm wrestling CF'r after CF'r and then get pinned by some amateur!


wrote …

This guy is no joke. I've seen him at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio which is a fitness convention arm wrestling guys ALL WEEKEND.



wrote …

have known about Travis Bagent, Alexy and John Brzenk for a few years now. Will be great to meet him at the games.
He can pull any amateurs like us all weekend and be fine.


wrote …

I love these arm wrestling videos, too; there's a whole world there I had no idea existed. What I also find very interesting in the descriptions of techniques was the styles of wrestling (generally, flexor vs. extensor) in relation to Tony Blauer's videos on the same basic subject - the strength of extensors being greater than the strength of flexors. If only 1% of wrestlers are using this "pushing" technique, I wonder if there isn't a chance for someone to try to use those theories to win some tournaments.


wrote …

On Tony Blauer's ideas: outside 90 is where the extensors are winning the fight not inside 90. Arm wrestling is all inside 90 - three inches from the chin. Looks like it would be tough to keep the elbow on the pad with your arm outside 90.


Dale Saran wrote …

That is a cool vid.


replied to comment from James Curtis

Travis beat him that year but has lost their last two rematches


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

Very entertaining. i could watch and listen to
him all day!


wrote …

he is a very good talker and someone easy to listen to. seems like all the greatest arm wrestlers are eighter american or russian(slavic) i dont know the reason for this but thats how it is.


wrote …

Travis is the man left handed for sure.... Talks a lot of smack but again thats what makes him entertaining!

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