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Why Gymnastics? by Jeff Tucker - CrossFit Journal

Why Gymnastics?

By Jeff Tucker

In Gymnastics/Tumbling, Videos

June 10, 2009

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CrossFit’s gymnastics component is not properly developed at many affiliates, Jeff Tucker tells participants at a gymnastics certification seminar. Too many people are too fearful they know too little. So they shy away from gymnastics, one of CrossFit’s foundations. And that’s just plain wrong.

When most people think of gymnastics, they think of Nadia Comaneci. But gymnastics is really nothing more than body movement. For CrossFit, gymnastics is a series of skills and drills used in WODs.

There is no real reason to substitute dips and pull ups for muscle ups. It’s just a matter of learning the progressions to the muscle up.

The video also includes shout outs to Kelly Moore and Jon Gilson, plus a foray to ancient Greece for some remarks on the Greek ideal of fitness and life.

Jeff Tucker (just “Tucker” to most folks) is a retired 20-year member of the Fort Worth Fire Department, where he served as a firefighter and arson/bomb investigator. He was head coach and director of Texas Christian University's gymnastics/cheerleading programs from 2001 to 2006, and he holds a multitude of degrees and certifications. He currently owns and operates GSX Athletics in Fort Worth, Texas, which specializes in Tae Kwon Do, gymnastics, CrossFit, and private athletic instruction.

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10 Comments on “Why Gymnastics?”


wrote …

Tucker is the man! If you've not been to the Gymnastics Cert. "Do eet, do eet naow!" sorry for the inside joke, but seriously, do the cert, it's fantastic and immediately applicable. GET INVERTED!!!


Kevin Wood wrote …

Gymnastics cert next weekend! Can't wait!


wrote …

In an effort to improve the community and make it more inclusive - perhaps the editor of the Journal can add a note in the write-up that explicit language is used? I often direct my clients to become members of the journal as an additional resource but recently the language has made me concerned that I should stop this recommendation especially to my younger and/or more sensitive clients.


replied to comment from Christopher Miller

The videos that you find here of instruction are from live events. Real coaches working in real time. There is no script, no censorship, and no re-do's. The videos are primarily edited for clarity and time. These coaches are in the trenches getting real results for real athletes.

I think it's safe to assume that videos in the Journal will have explicit language. Only you can decide if that is more important than the quality of instruction provided.


replied to comment from Tony Budding

Thanks Tony for the response - I completely understand the context from where these videos originate. What I'm suggesting is the viewer be given the warning up front before viewing (within the write-up/summary). I personally have no objections to the language used I am only speaking from the vantage point of other users - namely Crossfit Kids/Teens. Maybe I am missing the point of the Journal and should view it as an adult only collection, rather than an "inclusive" educational media. I am only offering constructive critism - in no way am I suggesting that the coaches that offer this invaluable service refrain from being real and true to form.


replied to comment from Christopher Miller

Final comment and then I'll leave the rest to the editor - what I am suggesting is Choice not Censorship.


wrote …

Why not add a SFW/NSFW tag to certain videos? It's unobtrusive and doesn't exclude any valuable content (to that- I always enjoy Tucker's gymnastics pieces).


wrote …

Sorry folks, my mouth got away from me here. But we were all having fun, and playing a bit in some of this portion as you can see and hear. As a parent I feel you, and I never let my kids watch the vid's unless I have previewed them, as CF has some of the more shall we say edgy approach. But I hear you and will take your comments to heart.

I try to make all the folks happy at my certs - and I know that is a tough task, but you got my word here. I will listen and work toward the best product I can for CF.



wrote …

Christopher, Tuck is an incredible asset to the community of CrossFit and your politically correct criticism of his coaching style is the problem with society and fitness in general these days....SOFT!

Tuck, do not change how you do shit just for one individual who is too lazy to preview what his kids or clients are going to watch.

PS Christopher, I can see your vagina from here!


wrote …

Tucker, you are the man. Keep up the good work!

Charlie and Jamie, don't be dicks. The guy is just giving his opinion and wasn't hating on anybody.

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