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July 17, 2009

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Tanya Wagner, who won the women’s competition of the 2009 CrossFit Games, was Justin’s guest on episode 76 CrossFit Radio, webcast live at 6:00 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, July 15, 2009.

01:16 Mike Warkentin of the CrossFit Journal talked about one the most striking stories of the 2009 Games: the remarkable behind-the-scenes atmosphere in the athlete’s warm up area. Egos were checked at the door. Athletes encouraged each other and coached each other. They chatted with organizers and volunteers during the long waits for their heats. The whole scene was quite different from what you would find in college or professional sports.

10:30 Justin interviewed Jake Platt, owner of Northwest CrossFit in Bellevue, WA about the strategy that had propelled his team to victory in the Affiliate Cup. Jake sad the team is especially close knit and members know they can rely on one another.

31:09 Justin caught up with Tanya Wagner, the newly crowned “fittest woman on earth” as she was on her way to dinner at Tony Budding’s house. Tanya discussed how she had moved up from her second place finish last year to win this year. She reviewed in detail her training and diet. Tanya also commented on the remarkable sense of community she had witnessed all weekend.

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Nathan Johnson wrote …

I would be interested downloading this as a podcast or something I can put on my ipod to listen to on go. Anyone have any ideas of how to do this and if it is OK to do this?



wrote …


subscibe to this podcast via iTunes - look for CrossFit Journal. Be aware that this also subscribes you to video articles.


Tim Waldron wrote …

Hey Neil and Justin my name is lcpl Tim Waldron and i have been trying to get a hold of you via email. I have a story that really needs to get out there so people can see and we can bring more people into the crossfit community. The email isn't going through so i figure i will just post the letter here. If anyone one has questions or anything my email is Sorry the post is so long to all but please read and let me know if your more intrested. thanks again faithfull follower Lcpl Tim Waldron
My Cross Fit Story
Hi, my name is Lcpl Tim Waldron and about this time last July I was introduced to Cross fit with the Workout known as Fran. That’s 21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pull-ups. My time was anything but amusing; at a whopping 14:27 I was embarrassed and felt completely out of shape. From that moment on I was driven to get the knowledge and make myself more fit. A few weeks later I met Rachel Medina and Adam Brigges; As Crossfit instructors they were putting on a fundamental course of the 9 core movements. Because my unit was deploying I thought that it would be perfect to get the training and then I could practice and share the knowledge to anybody that would be willing to listen. I was with the 13th MEU and we had set sail in January. 5 Months had gone by and we were almost at the turnaround point in the deployment when I was injured in a near fatal training accident. We were firing mortar rounds when suddenly a turn for the worst happened. We had a misfire and the Mortar tube had blown up. I was holding the bi-pods, and when the explosion happened I was sent into a superman dive about 5 feet forward. The blast had sent shrapnel to the upper right half of my body. I was hit in the neck with the fragments of the tube just missing the main artery by cm. Fragments ripped through the right pectoral muscle& upper chest. Also there was a piece that had entered just above the hip bone and ripped through my bow and intestine. With me laying on the ground the marines rushed over were they began the process of saving my life. Before I made it to the hospital I had lost enough blood to where immediately on arrival had to give me 2 liters of blood. Following the first surgery they had given me an additional 2 liters of blood. Less than 48hrs at the French facility I was off again to Germany where they had done another surgery. Finally I had arrived at Bethesda Maryland where I would finish my stay. After spending 3 days in the ICU I was sent to the 5 Floor where they told me I would be spending the next 3 months here. I was in so much shock and disbelief I just couldn’t believe it and, there is no way that I would let something hold me back. Once I met with the doctor after coming out of the drug induced coma they had told me that If I had not been in such great shape he thought that I wouldn’t have lived. The first thing that came to mind was thank you Coach Greg Glassman. Although I had never met this inspiring man I felt that I owed my life to him and his belief in what is known as Cross Fit. The Second person that came to mind was a Dr. Barry Sears again I have never met him either but I felt the same if it wasn’t for the Zone Diet I don’t think that the drive and determination would have stayed and lasted so long. I was down 20 lbs and dropped about 7% body fat since the starting of the Zone in January. I had felt something that words couldn’t describe or even get close to and I felt that the thanks went to them. After 9 days at Bethesda I started physical therapy. 3 days after that I was walking out the doors and on my way home. Only 12 days I spent at the hospital and I had met the President and gotten a picture with him I had met older wounded marines and all other kinds of people who sent cards and care packages just trying to say thanks. Now after about 2 months I’m back in the gym and slowly rehabilitating myself back to my new capacity found from Cross Fit. My story is nothing short of a miracle if you would even dare to call it that but I feel that my life was saved long before this accident. Thank you Coach Glassman, and anybody and everybody who is willing to put themselves through the rigors of Cross Fit and keep such a great thing going. Thanks again Lcpl Tim Waldron.


wrote …

Lcpl Tim Waldron

Thank YOU for your service and I wish you speedy recovery.

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