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July 14, 2009

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CrossFit Radio Games Special Edition #5 was webcast live at 11:00 AM On July 12, 2009, as the snatch competition was in progress. Athletes had ten minutes to establish their max, with Coach Mike Burgener shouting instructions and encouragement from the sidelines.

Reporter Mike Warkentin updated the standings at air time and said hello to Jason Khalipa as he was getting a massage in the warm-up area. Mike and Justin discussed some important trends that were emerging at the Games, including the rise of international competitors and the emergence of centers of excellence. Four of the finalists train at Optimum Performance Training in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Two more finalists train at Boot Camp Iceland.

Justin interviewed Christy Phillips, who was in tenth place among women going into Day 2. Christy said recovery was one her key challenges after the five workouts the previous day.

Justin also caught up with the men’s leader, Tommy Hackenbruck, as he warmed up. Tommy said his experience as construction worker who framed houses had paid off in the sledgehammer event.

Finally, Freddy Camancho of Crossfit One World offered his uncensored opinions on how the Games had grown and what makes them special.

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wrote …

OPT is based in Calgary. That's why his affiliate is called... wait for it.... CrossFit Calgary.

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