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July 14, 2009

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CrossFit Radio Games Special Edition #7 was webcast live at 5:00 PM PDT on July 12, 2009, as the seventh and final WOD of the individual competition was in progress. Darrel “Bingo” White opened the show with some reflections on the CrossFit spirit he had seen throughout the weekend and was continuing even as he spoke, with athletes giving their all and spectators cheering them on.

One example of that spirit was the gutsy performance of Lee Knight, an athlete who insisted on competing despite medical issues. She explained in an interview with Justin why she was so determined to make it to Aromas.

Justin’s next interview, with Kristen Klever, was conducted in the athlete’s warm up area just moments after she had completed her final WOD. Kristen echoed some of the themes Bingo had touched on earlier. She praised the CrossFit community.

The program concluded with a report from Mike Warkentin of the CrossFit Journal. Mike talked about what had just happened in the final men’s WOD of the day.

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Kristen Klever, my pic for #1 female next year. She is le-git.

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