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By Mike Burgener

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July 21, 2009

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There is more to a Mike Burgener Olympic weightlifting seminar than shouts of “Yeah, burpees!” and “Yes, coach!” Throughout the weekend, Coach Burgener will periodically call a halt to the small group work to highlight a problem he’s seeing or to make sure everyone hears his answer to a question. Coach Burgener calls these interruptions “coaching points.” This video from Again Faster features three coaching points taken from a seminar held March 7-8, 2009 at CrossFit Old Town in Alexandria, Va.

The first coaching point concerns the importance of vertical hip thrust in the snatch. The movement should not be confused with the horizontal hip thrust seen in the kettlebell swing. Coaches should look for the down and up motion that creates the jump.

The second coaching point is about breathing. Coaches should ensure their trainees take deep belly breaths, squat, come back up and then let the breath out. Weightlifting belts are not advisable at low weights.

The third and final coaching point is about wrist flexibility. It isn’t unusual for people to have tight wrists, but becoming more flexible is important because of adjustments required going from the front squat to the jerk. Coach Burgener demonstrates a wrist flexibility drill with two very different trainees.

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10 Comments on “Coaching Points ”


wrote …

Can anyone help me with what P & F stands for? Thanks.


wrote …

this have to be a group of some of the best coaches in the world here on crossfit


replied to comment from Bert Cunningham

Its "PNF" and it means proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. Its a form of stretching that combines contacting and relaxing of the targeted stretched muscle to promote a greater stretch.


wrote …

Thanks Nate! That is very helpful!


wrote …

Thanks for that stretch Coach B.


wrote …

Great input as always, Coach B.!
Regarding the 'jump', I would like to request some coaching points to get rid of donkey kicks ...


wrote …

Hi Roland,
Try practicing the snatch lands. Concentrate on lifting the feet just high enough to get to your landing position aggressively. Thats how I was taught from Josh E. and it worked for me.


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

Bert- Also check out some of the recent Kelly Starret videos on here. he gives some great PNF demoes. PNF is the ONLY useful tool I learned from ACE.


replied to comment from Joshua Bell

Hi Joshua,
thank you, I shall try that!


replied to comment from Bert Cunningham

PNF = Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Great stretching technique to overide the stretch reflex and increase flexibility.

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