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July 14, 2009

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Maintaining pressure on the foot stretcher of the Concept2 erg with the upper portion of the foot is crucial, Jon Gilson of Again Faster learns in part two of our five-part series on how to row faster.

Moving the feet from side to side or up and down results in lost power, wasted energy and slower times. There are only two places the work is transferred from the body to the C2 erg: the handle and foot stretcher. If the connection between the two is real and substantial, the flywheel spins faster and the athlete is rewarded with better times. Maintaining pressure on the foot stretcher is not really a matter of flexibility or coordination and it’s not especially difficult. It’s just something athletes need to be aware of and pay attention to all the time.

Once again, Jon’s coach is Chris Wilson, a former Olympic coach who is now technical advisor and in-house coach at Concept 2. Chris puts Jon through a drill that involves rising out of the seat with outstretched arms while maintaining contact with the foot stretcher. The next two next episodes in the series deal with the relationship between power, stroke rate, stroke length and speed.

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5 Comments on “Rowing Lesson 2: All About The Feet ”


wrote …

I find these rowing videos extremely helpful in improving technique. I always thought that it was good to keep your weight in your heels like you're supposed to do in the squat, deadlift and many of the moves we do. Listening to her explanation made perfect sense and I can't wait to try this out.


wrote …

Agreed, these are awesome, I hope to improving my rowing technique a lot with them.


wrote …

I definitely had a Eureka! I get it moment here!


wrote …

I'm still not completely sure what the lesson was here, perhaps I'm missing something in not being able to understand Jon's barely audible input.

Let me see if I can get some clarification to what I feel is only a guess at the 'take home' message: There have been times where I try to understand the concept of having greater mass is an advantage on the rower, hence the division of heavyweights and lightweights on the C2 time logs. So with that concept of using my mass to greatest advantage, I was altering my rowing technique to ever so slightly lighten off the seat so that I was doing a miniature of what Jon was doing during the test where the instructor was holding the handle and his rear end came off the seat. The monitor would indicate a slightly better 'time per 500meter' for each pull than I get by just rowing with my natural or intuitive stroke method.

Is that the lesson she is trying to convey in her example to Jon?


wrote …

I'm not trying to be funny here, but is the guy on the rower a few sandwiches short of a picnic?

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