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July 30, 2009

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In the third of four Concept 2 rowing lessons with former Olympic coach Chris Wilson, Jon Gilson of Again Faster learns about the importance of the preparation phase of the stroke sequence.

The preparation phase begins as soon as the previous stroke is completed. Avoid the common beginner’s mistake of releasing the seat too soon and having the knees come up. Take the time to set up the proper sequence so the upper body has more length. You want to arrive at the catch position with shoulders in front of hips, arms stretched and legs at vertical.

You can help create rhythm by ensuring you begin the preparation phase in the ideal position: just past perpendicular, with the core engaged. While this is happening, you still have resistance generated from contact with the foot pad. Avoid leaning too far back. Set yourself up for success for what follows in the stroke sequence.

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wrote …

Even thought I am considered the rowing Guru at my local Y ( based only on a 75K row close to my 75th birthday ), I find that in these videos that there is far more that I do not know, than I do.

My thanks to all who conceived, participated and produced these videos: they are of such value that I could well be seen to pay for a CD, were one ever produced !

Peter T

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