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July 03, 2009

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CrossFitters are not shy when it comes to rowing. They work hard. But many focus too much on the monitor and too little on the technique of maximizing stroke length that leads to faster times.

In the first in a series of instructional videos, Chris Wilson of Concept 2, a former Olympic coach, shows Jon Gilson of Again Faster how to row faster. Like many CrossFitters, Jon brings a weightlifting approach to his body position in the rower. His chest is up, his back is stiff, and he arches his lower lumbar. Chris points out this position is far from ideal for rowing. Jon relaxes the erector series in his back and relies more on core strength to maintain his position. He slides two inches forward and increases the length of his stroke. The coaching point: greater efficiency in stroke length sets rowers up well to use increased power. Relying on power alone is not the best approach. In all, there are three factors that lead to faster times: stroke length, stroke power and stroke rate.

In future episodes of this five-part series, Jon is coached through a variety of skills and drills that make him a much better rower. In the final episode, he transitions from rowing in the erg to rowing on the water in a one-person scull.

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7 Comments on “Rowing Lesson 1: Maximizing Length”


wrote …

As a newbie crossfitter ( and former bodybuilder) this video hits home.I definitely have a ways to go,but this is an excellent teaching video,I highly recommend it.


replied to comment from Rodney Shipley

I love these great instructional videos, but the Journal can be such a tease sometimes -5 part series?


wrote …

Great video.. I'm always looking for more tips and tricks to improve my rowing.


wrote …

If you want tons more info, go to a C2 rowing seminar.


wrote …

Wow! I implemented the changes Chris advised in the video and they have made a huge difference to my rowing performance. I'm looking forward to seeing the improvement in my times. Fantastic.


wrote …

I filmed my rowing for the first time yesterday. I noticed I do everything wrong. I thought I had it right, but no. This instructional video will help me a lot, thanks!


wrote …

Great video!!!

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