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July 09, 2009

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As our rowing series continues, Jon Gilson of Again Faster gets the first of three explanations on how to maximize the training capacity of the C2 rower from a man who ought to know: Peter Dreissigacker, the co-founder of Concept 2.

Jon learns that there are different ways of creating power on the erg. Sometimes just pulling faster isn’t the best approach. Peter demonstrates the concept by putting Jon through a seven minute workout of varying intensity. Each interval lasts one minute and has a new target for watt output. The strokes-per-minute rate remains constant at 28 to 29. Jon discovers the harder he pulls, the harder he has to work.

The workout looks like this:

Interval 1 - 170 watts
Interval 2 - 220 watts
Interval 3 - 250 watts
Interval 4 - 170 watts
Interval 5 - 270 watts
Interval 6 - 300 watts
Interval 7 - 170 watts

Jon struggles on Interval 6 and says “sounds like a good plan” when Peter brings the watt output level back to down 170 for the final interval. Peter concludes by saying: “You just have to train your body to be able to go through that motion and fire those muscles in the right order to produce that pace.”

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6 Comments on “Getting the Most From the C2 Rower, Part 1”


wrote …

It's amazing how smoothly Peter rows, and it's difficult to see any change in his intensity from 170W to 300W. And he's holding a conversation during the intervals?


wrote …

Just been thoroughly destroyed by one of Peter's evil machines rowing a 5k, can't thank him enough for his diabolic creation!


replied to comment from Mark Lanza

Yep, Peter is a legend. It's really cool that crossfit is seeking out input from people who are the real deal.


replied to comment from Mark Lanza

Yeah, one mark of a really good rower is that it is very difficult to tell how hard they are working.

Peter is indeed a legend. His machine literally transformed the sport of rowing. I have rowed off and on for about 15 years now including college. It is difficult for me to conceive of what the collegiate rowing experience was like before the erg.

Greg Glassman's elevation of power output as the holy grail of athletic training is revolutionary to many sports. Not to us. Rowers have been meticulously measuring power output across fairly broad time domains for almost 30 years now thanks to Peter.


wrote …

Perfect! It's supposed to be a rest day for me, but I am going to do some feeble imitation of this. Stand by....


wrote …

I like Johnny G. He looked like he was hurting for a second and stepped it up to keep up.

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