Sage Teaches The Snatch

By Sage Burgener

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July 24, 2009

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In this video from Again Faster, Sage Burgener uses PVC to teach a group of students the snatch. Sage’s coaching style is quite different from the style used by her dad, Coach Mike Burgener.

There is some laughter and even applause and Sage says “Good girl!“ to one athlete. But there are also some familiar coaching instructions, including everything from “stop thinking so much” to “one more” to “keep going, don’t stop” to “you’re not done yet.” An athlete who falls over is quickly told to “c’mon, get up!”

Sage advised staying over the bar when lifting the chest and bringing the knees forward. That way, you can get the bar high on the hips. You can go straight up and brush the bar on the hips, not bang the bar on the hips.

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11 Comments on “Sage Teaches The Snatch ”


wrote …

impressive coaching Sage, Bravo!


wrote …

Yet another brilliant demonstration of a difficult technique made simple by a skilled practitioner.

I love the Burgeners!

Keep the videos coming.


wrote …

Nice instruction Sage. Can you please stop our garage gym for an hour or so? We could really use your help :-)

Keep up the great work.


wrote …

The last student appeared to have his back too close to horizontal in the starting position. Is that an astute obseration? Huh? Huh?!?! C'mon...I'm just an O-lift novice looking for a little validation...


wrote …

Love the socks Sage!


wrote …

Is it just me or did the woman in black (middle of the video) have insanely long femurs?


wrote …

Wonder if she has a pair of socks just like that at home? I have to second Mr. Reed, Sage can you drive around to all our garages?


wrote …

this lift is finaly starting to click for me and i thing Sage made it finaly come toghether for me. Thanks


wrote …

I have recently heard Britney Spears hates Crossfit and Oly Lifts. What's a girl (Sage) to do? BTW, thanks for the great video lesson.


wrote …

This question may fall on deaf ears because it's an "older" article. Still, early in the clip, Sage does a demo of the first pull for a guy and says "I'm pulling back on that bar." Later, she demos for a girl and says "I'm not moving my hands, my shoulders, anything right now. All I'm doing is moving my body."

It seems like there's a contradiction. Clarification please?


wrote …

Hey Ben, that definitely seems contradictory but I have a guess as to what she meant. I'd take that as meaning no vertical movement with her hands, elbows or shoulders (as in shrugging, elbow bending or any other pulling with the arms).

When she said "pulling back on the bar," I think she means she's sweeping the bar horizontally back toward her shins/thighs while keeping her elbows locked and shoulders un-shrugged.

At least, that's my guess.

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