Upside Down and Double Under at West Point

By Adrian Bozman and Todd Widman

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July 06, 2009

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Todd Widman continues his coaching session with Cadet Matt Feiden during a break at a Level 1 Cert held in April, 2009 at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Matt is also an athlete at Black and Gold CrossFit. Some skill work precedes a workout.

First comes training on double-unders. Matt is told to grip two fingers and thumb at the base of the handle, hold his arms tight to his body, and jump up and down on his toes. It’s important to relax and breath while whipping the hands - and not the arms - quickly. Matt then demonstrates that he knows how to do handstand push-ups.

Matt is a slotback on the Army football team who is going infantry and has his eyes on Special Forces down the road. So Todd designs a workout that replicates a battlefield buddy carry.

Todd insists on strict form for the workout, which is four rounds for time of:

Clean and carry a dummy up and back the length of the gym
20 double-unders
5 handstand push-ups




6 Comments on “Upside Down and Double Under at West Point”


wrote …

Todd, solid work, bro!


wrote …

Good coaching points iwth the double unders. Matt seemed to improve a ton between the practice and the WOD. I also loved Todd's work in the final round. Motivating stuff!


wrote …

What was his time!!??


wrote …

I'm glad they went over this. I've been working on my double-unders and the coaching tips will help me next time. It's definitely one of the skills I want to develop.


wrote …

I love the real-life scenario of rescuing a buddy, jumping over walls and stuff. Also the guy really gave everything. No wonder, Todd was motivating him like hell :)


wrote …

What kind of "body bag" is that and how much does it weigh? I have to get a couple of those.

Great coaching Todd, great effort Matt!

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