Boz and Todd: The Women Workout

By Adrian Bozman and Todd Widman

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August 11, 2009

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Boz and Todd instruct an all female class on front squats, as they take their act on the road to Rainier CrossFit, in Pullayup, WA in this video by CrossFit by Overload. Lisa Ray of CrossFit Flagstaff also appears.

Establishing a solid and strong rack position you can load up is essential. The class begins with air squats, then progresses to empty bars. There are corrections on grip, stance and elbow position. Todd tells one woman to let the bar roll down to her fingertips. Boz says: “If we’re yelling at you about elbows up and on the shoulder, it’s not because we think you look funny. It’s because we love you!”

The video concludes with Boz somehow getting roped into to doing the workout he assigned. The workout includes two 400 meter runs, front squats and double-unders.

12min 37sec



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wrote …

Hope there was some stretching after all that!
I love watching the Experiecne by the way! keep it up!!


wrote …

face to face: bill of goods


wrote …

Those are my girls! Nice smiles ladies!!


wrote …

Loved the “Night of the living dead” cue. Also, props on the Mastodon t-shirt.

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