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CrossFit After Cancer, Part 2 by Jimmy Baker and Joe Izzo - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit After Cancer, Part 2

By Jimmy Baker and Joe Izzo

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August 22, 2009

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“CrossFit is really the way to go for someone who comes back from cancer,” Joe Izzo says in the second and final part of our series. Joe’s trainer is Jimmy Baker of CrossFit Santa Cruz Central. The two men had worked together at a school for foster and homeless children. Joe was a teacher and Jimmy was the principal.

After a brush with death from transitional cell carcinoma that left him all skin and bones, Joe was so weak he could not do a single sit up. But he learned a lot from the experience, including compassion toward self. “Be aware of the pain and suffering you’ve been through….Find a trainer like Jim,” Joe advises. He says the cancer broke down his confidence but CrossFit has built it up again so he can face life “with my eyes wide open.”

Joe likes not knowing what the workout will be when he arrives at the gym. He does know that his cardio, strength and endurance will be tested. He finds all the workouts hard. But that’s a good thing. “I’m exhilarated. I feel really good,” Joe says after a workout that opens the video.

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6 Comments on “CrossFit After Cancer, Part 2”


wrote …

Joe, you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story!


wrote …

I had a cancerous kidney taken out in Jan 06. Thank you Joe so much for sharing your story. It's a real encouragement to me. Jim I think your coaching is Great to watch thank you.


wrote …

how about that mr jim baker!!!! unreal vid! thanks for sharing jim! congrats to that young man who is getting back in shape and beating cancer!!!!


wrote …

CrossFit is powerful stuff.


wrote …

This kind of reporting from the Crossfit community has brought tears of compassion to my eyes several times over the last year. Crossfit is so much more than just an approach to fitness.

I was Crossfitting in my neighborhood park the other morning here in Austin, TX., dripping with sweat with the temperature at 90 degrees and the humidity at 45%, when one of my neighbors saw me and told me I sure was a glutton for punishment.

I told her no, all the rest of the day is the punishment---when I am doing my workout is the joy of my day. I wonder if she "got it"?


wrote …

Thanks to Jimmy and all your clients who have shared their stories here.
You are all an inspiration!

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