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August 08, 2009

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Lindsey Smith, Carey Kepler and Dave Tate appeared on episode 79 of CrossFit Radio, webcast live at 6:00 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, August 7, 2009.

01:15 Lindsey Smith, who placed fifth at the 2009 CrossFit Games, responded to critics who question the claim that the winner of the CrossFit Games should be called "the fittest person on earth." Lindsey thinks the claim is justified and cited her experience as a three sport D1 athlete. She talked about where she trains and how she prepared for the Games competition this year. She discussed her diet and revealed that she ended up cutting short her planned post-Games eating binge. Lindsey also talked about how she balances her personal, career and athletic lives.

29:34 Host Justin Judkins played a clip from an upcoming Journal video with the always provocative Dave Tate discussing motivation and self-esteem issues among athletes.

31:13 Carey Kepler, co-owner of CrossFit Central in Austin Texas, talked about what it took to place third at the CrossFit Games. Consistency is her key to success. Carey talked about how she combines Paleo and Zone concepts in her diet. She records everything she eats in a food log and talked about what she had eaten for breakfast the day the show aired.

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8 Comments on “CrossFit Radio, Episode 79 090805”


wrote …

Great as usual.
I competed many years ago in a team fitness challenge in the UK. We qualified for the final and there was a celebrity team there. Not as serious minded as us as they were there 'out of season' from their own sports. It comprised Jonathan Edwards (current World triple jump record holder), James Cracknell (double Olympic rowing champion), Jason Quealy (Olympic cycling gold medalist), Audley Harrison (Olympic boxing champion), Darren Campbell (olympic sprint silver medalist and gold relay medalist) and finally Dean Macey, Olympic decathlon medalist.
Dean was a great guy and in one event he had to do a versa climber sprint. He then had to run 10 mtrs to 'tag' the bench presser to start his leg. As Dean climbed off the versa his legs gave way and he almost crawled to tag Darren Campbell on the bench. Afterwards he said it was one of the worst things he had ever done. Jonathan Edwards had a similar experience with over 150 bench jumps (hands on bench). Just goes to show, whilst decathletes are 'all rounders' they still would struggle with FGB, Fran, Helen just like the rest of us.

Cant wait to hear Dave Tates next installment too. Great show guys. Keep it up. (I do have to explain to my kids that when you call us bastards you don't really mean to


wrote …

Lindsey, you are truly an inspirational person... "glorify God in all I do..." I'm glad there are still people like you out there.


Rich Vos wrote …


I love checking out the personal blogs of the top-tier CrossFit athletes. Most of us frequently visit the blogs of Melissa Byers, Dutch, and Ricky Frausto, but you keep mentioning other hard chargers that maintain them.

1. Can you please link the athletes' blogs to their names on the Journal?

2. For the CFJ heads that read this: Perhaps a link to an athlete's blog every few days would be great to put out. Or perhaps a CFJ article that compares the different types of blogs that CrossFit athletes keep.

Thanks, man. Really enjoy the show.


wrote …

Great show, you firebreather-interviewing bastard!


wrote …

Hey JJ, something I just thought about:

You interview some of the best performers in the CrossFit world on a regular basis. You always go in depth with their nutrition and training. What I'd love to see is a table listing all the people you've interviewed, and what nutrition (Paleo, Zone, Paleo with dairy, SAD, etc) and programming (main site WODs, CFE, CFF, CFSB, own programming) they use. That would give an excellent overview and maybe reveal some interesting statistics!

What do you think?


wrote …

John, I liked the personal insight about some incredible specialized athletes and how that translates to a regular WOD. Also, I hope the kids understand and thanks for the laugh.

Rich, I will try to put a link in the description of the show and request that the editor not delete in while editing. Thanks for the suggestion.

Bleicke, First of all I love all the bastards comments everyone comes up with, and second of all, I wholeheartedly support anybody who takes your idea and runs with it. I too would love to see the table you suggest, and could start one from here going forward. I will leave the last 160 or so interviews for someone else to go through and compile that data.

Thanks all for listening. You must be listeners number 14, 15, 16, and 17.


wrote …

Hey Justin,
First of all I love the show. I check my itunes every night for the sole reason of seeing if a new episode has posted, I listen to it at work the next morning and then wish i had drawn it out a bit longer, because the wait for the next one is painful. Great job, keep it up.
Whatever happened to the "Weekend Edition". He was doing alot of pre-game coverage, and then completely dropped off the face of the Crossfit earth. Just curious, that show was excellent as well. And definitely fed the beast that is my CFR addiction.


Jesse Gray wrote …

Great show as always, I would just like to make a comment about the critic who posted on Lindsey's blog. One of the athletes he sites are D-1 running backs and fullbacks and to an even greater extreame an all pro like Ladanian Tomlinson. Well guess what, at the moment, Lorenzo Neal is a somewhat regular crossfitter at Crossfit SoCal and occasionally he brings in his buddies like LaDanian and Jeff Garcia. My brother is a trainer there and he says that anything having to do with strength or running really fast for a very short distance is dominated by these guys, anything else... not so much. Clearly these guys are incredible athletes and if they decided to give up the football and focus on winning the crossfit games they might have a pretty good chance, they are genetic freaks of nature but they don't and therefore are not as fit. A decathlete is actually not so different. When you look at what they're actually good at it's pretty limited relative to what could come out of a crossfit hopper; running between 100 and 1500 meters - ok, that takes care of most of the CF running distances and they're probably better than your average CFer on longer stuff to. Point given. Throwing stuff; they throw discus , javalin and shot put... once. Being able to throw something far is great (and maybe it should be worked into crossfit?) but they are not conditioned to throw something as heavy as a shot put over and over again. Jumping, same thing, they're explosive and could probably put a lot of max height box jumps PRs to shame but that's it. Finally, the wildcard is the pole vault. I think the pole vault is a seriously impressive skill and I would bet that anyone capable of performing one could do a muscle up or two but what would their time be for 30?
At this year's crossfit games decathletes would have been pretty great at the first event and what would happen when the deadlift started? The snatch may not have gone so well either and if theoretically, if any made it to the chipper workout do you think it would be possible to even finish it? Not a chance.

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