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August 13, 2009

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Darrell “Bingo” White, Jeremy Reed, and Todd Widman appeared on episode 80 of CrossFit Radio, webcast live at 6:00 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, August 12, 2009.

2:22 Darrell “Bingo” White talked about what makes the CrossFit community special, then discussed the importance of sleep for CrossFit athletes. A medical doctor, Darrell said that quality of sleep can sometimes be more important than quantity. Sleep cycles generally last about 90 minutes and it’s important they not be interrupted. An example of a good plan might be someone who sleeps either 7.5 hours or 9 hours, but not 8.5 hours. Darrell gave suggestions on how to find the sleep cycle that’s right for you.

26:27 Host Justin Judkins briefly had Jeremy “Playoff Beard” Reed on the show to discuss the current FRAT 30 Day Paleo Challenge and the benefits both men have already realized.

34:31 Todd Widman, of CrossFit Flathead and one of HQ’s top trainers, discussed the trainer WOD that was recently featured on the main site. He talked about the transition he had to make when he went from being a coach to a judge at the CrossFit Games. He also discussed the future of the Games.

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wrote …

Link not working ;-(


wrote …

Bingo! My kind friend. Nicely done.


wrote …


Very articulate and informative as always. I've got to find my sleep cycle asap!



Bingo, you're the man! When JJ asked about sleep I immediately thought "but Darryl is an eye doc!" You are doing some serious homework and I appreciate your passing the knowledge. Sleep is something I suck're motivating me to pay better attention to it and PLAN it out like a nutritional plan or training event.

Jeremy "Playoff Beard" Reed, that was articulate, but definitely not up to Darryl White standards. Thanks for the shot out. You made me sound like I actually know what I'm doing...oh crap! I know what you mean about 'feeling lighter on your feet'. Paleo is like that magic bullet that will bring your performance up 15-20% immediately.

And Todd, great piece on where the CF Games may go. I hope to be healthy enough next year to be judging along with you and Playoff Beard. I learned first hand that it is hard to make the Coach to Judge transition, regardless of if the competitor is a close friend or a complete stranger.

JJ, did she pop yet??? We're all waiting for the good news!


wrote …

You have to review this breakthrough in fitness training. I am on duty at Camp Lejeune, NC right now, and my Marine and I just caught an ad for this on FOX News. What will they think of next!



wrote …

Any thoughts on power naps? I can't seem to get through the day without one, usually 15 min or less. Is it ok to take them or does it have any adverse effects on your nighttime sleep?


wrote …

im no doctor, but ive read that anything less than about 25 minutes is okay, anything longer supposedly disrupts your sleep cycle... Where did i read this, cant remember, have more questions? Holler at my boy google...

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