Spanish Front Squat

By Maggie Dabe

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August 14, 2009

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Maggie Dabe from CrossFit Fairfax is one of CrossFit HQ’s traveling seminar trainers. She is originally from Ecuador, and explains our standard cues and faults for the front squat entirely in Spanish.

The mechanics of the front squat are identical to the air squat. The barbell rests on the shoulders (not the hands). The elbows should be as high as possible. The heavier the bar is, the more important it is to keep the weight on the heels, and the more core stability is required to maintain effective mechanics.

This series is our first venture into foreign language instruction in a video. The rest of the core nine movements will be included.

Maggie Dabe explica las sentadillas frontales en Español.

7min 42sec

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10 Comments on “Spanish Front Squat”


wrote …

That's great! I am excited to see CrossFit explaining this in Spanish. Not too many in my family speak English and I have had to explain CrossFit and its movements in Spanish. This will facilitate everything for me.


Allison Bojarski wrote …

Viva CrossFit! Que bueno, Maggie.


wrote …

Muchas gracias por las explicaciones en español


wrote …

Que bieeen! Una vez mas en español!! gracias por este nuevo excelente aporte para los de habla hispana Maggie...un fuerte abrazo desde Ecuador ; )


Jaime Arashiro wrote …

Excelente Maggie, gracias


wrote …

Complimenti Maggie, una spegazione chiara ed accurata.
Muchas gracias!


wrote …

Muchas gracias Maggie!!!
Esto es extremadamente útil para nosotros.


wrote …

Gracias, Maggie! Ahora mismo entiendo las sentadillas frontales en inglez y espanol tambien!


wrote …

Excellent! I'd say about 50% or more of our athletes are from Mexico, this is a great addition to the Journal for us coaches and our athletes. thank you!


wrote …

muchas gracias magie te mando saludos desde mexicali mexico

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