Boz and Todd: Motivation

By Todd Widman

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September 24, 2009

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“Everybody hits the wall. Everybody.”

Demanding CrossFit WODs challenge bodies, but they also challenge hearts and minds. You simply have to be motivated enough to pick up the bar one more time even though your muscles are burning. Some athletes have endless stores of motivation, while others benefit from outside influence.

A great trainer can help drive you when your own motivation is failing, and Todd Widman of The Boz and Todd Experience is more than willing to provide the encouragement.

In this video filmed at Rainier CrossFit, Widman works with athletes during a front squat/double-under/run WOD. Offering technique tips and passionate encouragement, Widman helps a group of women push themselves to give their best performances.

Adrian (Boz) Bozman and Todd Widman are two of CrossFit’s top trainers. They spend a significant portion of their time traveling around the country working the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 certification seminars.

4min 30sec

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11 Comments on “Boz and Todd: Motivation”


wrote …

I met Todd at my level 1 cert in June 2009 at the Colorado State Police facility in Golden, CO. He, and all the instructors, were extremely helpful and motivational. I only had about a month of CrossFit at that point so the three WOD's in 2 days killed me but I got through them with the help of the HQ staff and the other cert participants.

I started CrossFit and went to the cert because I recently became a Police Academy Instructor and had been put in charge of the Academy fitness program with another Instructor who attended the cert with me. I've carried some of Todd's energy (very few people have his level of energy) into my police training and seem to be able to get the recruits to push harder than they thought possible. That was the same gift that the CF HQ staff gave me, along with correcting my awful form in all the foundational movements, at the cert and I will be forever grateful. Todd...high five, chest bump!


Herm Blancaflor wrote …

I love Rainier Crossfit, and the combo of RCF's gym and Todd's coaching is a sight to behold! I'd pay good money to attend any cert Todd is coaching at. Todd, you're the man!


wrote …

Wow...Id like to go to that gym, it like all girls:) But then again its hard to hit PRs when your trying to look cool


Kevin Wood wrote …

I've been to 2 certs where Todd was an instructor. I have to say, I look up to him. He's a great role model, both as a trainer and an individual. Hope to see him again soon!


wrote …

I thought it was really interesting the he counted the failed reps on the double-unders. Is this a normal practice? Is it because the girls had just learned the movement that day?

But anyway, man, how does he have energy left to work-out himself after doing so much to motivate those girls! Inspiring!


replied to comment from Tate Rivera

Hey Tate, They did the same thing in the series from West Point. The rationale is to keep the client moving & not beat them up on a movement which may be new or difficult for the athlete. If you keep taking reps away the athlete will probably slow down & get frustrated, especially with double unders. If they are constantly short of FROM on pull-ups, for example, you wouldn't count that, but a missed double under is usual as taxing as a made double under. Keep em moving & keep em motivated. Peace


wrote …

Great coaching! Positivity is the way to get the best out of people for sure, you can just see all the clients sucking up Todd's praise. They will leave this session feeling awesome about themselves, he has not only improved their fitness but also their self esteem. This is what a coach should be!


wrote …

Everytime Todd was outside motivating, I kept waiting for a fat guy in a housecoat to step out of one of the houses in the background and yell,"Hey A-hole stop yelling I'm trying to sleep in!"
Ha HA :)


wrote …

Todd, good stuff bro. Reminds me of the Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats you yelled me through at a Level I cert.


wrote …

I wish I could carry a mini Todd around on my left shoulder all day long!! i would be one motivated mo-fo fo-sure!! Love ya Todd- KP @GCF


wrote …

I just completed my level 1 cert with Todd just this last week in Henderson, NV. I just want to say Todd, Freddie and Rachel were very professional and we all took a lot out of the class. A lot of good information was provided for us to start our own program within the police department. Thank you for all the hard work.

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