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September 10, 2009

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Marty Cej, anchor for Business News Network and avid CrossFitter, appeared on episode 84 of CrossFit Radio, webcast at 6:00 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, September 9, 2009.

2:00 Marty Cej, a Financial Analyst for BNN, talked about his background and what he conjectures will happen with CrossFit in the future. Marty gave his insight into the business of CrossFit. He also helped cover the 2009 CrossFit Games and he talked about his experience of covering the Games, but also where he sees things heading in the future. Marty talked about the response he got when he did a story on Coach Glassman and CrossFit on BNN.

45min 59sec

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wrote …

JJ - Thanks for another great CF radio show! I'm fairly new to CF and have been listening to old shows and learning a lot about the CF world. You do a great job conveying the spirit of CF.

Mr. Cej's comments were very insightful regarding the nature of the decision-making process of the CF leaders. Isn't the primacy of fitness over marketing and money what makes CF successful and appealing to most crossfitters? No doubt the foundation of fitness that CF creates would suffer if the only workouts were those that used 'official CF equipment' or if the nutrition program was based upon a sponsors products rather than a core belief in its efficacy. In an age where money steers decisions, CF is directed by a stubborn belief that the most efficacious training strategy will rise to the top. As Mr. Cej states, this makes CF organic, constantly evolving towards a better program for fitness, not one that makes more money or wins more awards with mainstream pundits. From what I have seen, this fiercely independent mindset is in each crossfitter, helping to ensure that CF continues to make the fittest athletes for generations to come.


wrote …

Is the segment that Marty produced on the 2008 CF Games available for viewing somewhere? I would love to see it.


wrote …

Thanks Chris and Desiree for listening and commenting. Long Live the Independent Mindset! Desiree, I will email Marty and find out where to find the segment.


wrote …

Thanks Justin! I'd love to view the segment, if it's available :)


wrote …

Hey Justin,
That was a great interview! I love to hear perspectives such as that. Looking forward to watching those segments!

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