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September 10, 2009

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“You don’t drop under the bar! You don’t fall under the bar! You pull yourself under the bar hard and fast!”

During a snatch workout with Jason Khalipa and Jocelyn Forest, Coach Mike Burgener gets loud and aggressive with the 2008 Games champ, demanding that he forget about strength to focus on speed.

Burgener notices Khalipa isn’t finishing his pulls and is slow to snap underneath the bar. The athlete from CrossFit Santa Clara is strong as an ox, but he isn’t moving fast enough to snatch big weight. Burgener reminds that strength is worthless in Olympic lifting without speed. As an example, Coach B refers to colorful powerlifter Dave Tate, who can muscle snatch more than he can snatch.

“Quit thinking strength, strength, strength,” Burgener demands. “You’ve got to think finesse, finesse, finesse.”

Video by CrossFit By Overload.

7min 37sec

Additional reading: The Power of Dynamic Pulling Exercises by Bill Starr, published Dec. 5, 2008.

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5 Comments on “The Burgener Files V—Coaching Points”


Tom Seryak wrote …



wrote …

Love the burgener files.

Coach B is awesome. I had some questions this past week and shot off an email. No joke within minutes I had a detailed response. Awesome.


Erik Miller wrote …

I could watch and listen to Coach B do his thing all day long.


wrote …

Love watching Coach B. Love watching video and always learn someething.


wrote …

Good video. Love Coach B.

Was this video was shot before the Games? At the Games, he hit 225.

So, if Jason was working on Snatch form with Coach B before the games, I'd say that was fortunate timing. Conspiracy theorists would have a field day.

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