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October 31, 2009

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The Zone Diet can help you achieve wellness—freedom from disease and inflammation—but it can also help you smash PRs.

In Part 8 of Dr. Sears’ presentation on Aug. 8, 2009, in Orange County, Calif., the creator of the Zone Diet talks about how proper nutrition has worked for elite athletes. From NFL and NBA players to Olympians, top athletes have found that following the Zone Diet can help them to longer careers, PRs, gold medals and world records.

“These are professionals,” Sears says of elite athletes who endorse the Zone. “Their paycheck depends on performing at peak levels.”

He continues: “What’s our goal? Whether it be wellness or performance, it’s re-establishing harmony with our genes. Our genes still live in the Stone Age. Unfortunately, we’re living in the 21st century, and that makes it harder to maintain wellness, harder to maintain performance.”

With the Zone Diet, you can manage your hormones and modify the expression of your genes. The result? Health, wellness and new standards of personal performance.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Weekend Edition 15, first aired June 2, 2009.

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5 Comments on “Dr. Barry Sears CrossFit Presentation, Part 8: Zone Performance”


wrote …

Can you guys make the mp3 audio available PLEASE!!! THANX.. Ps I read toxic fat last week and once u get through some of the repetitive stuff u get to some real interesting info. keep on keepin on!


replied to comment from anthony coltrane

MP3 is now available. Thanks for the suggestion.


wrote …

I think I might have missed something, but how many more videos are there? I don't recall hearing how many more there are down the pipe. I'm learning tons and I hope there are more coming.


wrote …

Thanx tony! Not to be a pain but out here in blackberry world all I can access are mp3s.. Can u upload the mp3 for the complete series? If so thanx brother !!


wrote …

Dr. Sears needs to be more careful with his facts. Italy placed 2nd in the Olympics in basketball in 2004, not 2000. They lost in the final 84-69, not by a last-second basket.


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