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October 01, 2009

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The 2009 CrossFit Games were an incredible leap forward from 2008. Many of this year’s U.S. regional qualifiers were larger than the ʼ08 Games themselves, and attendance at The Ranch increased from about 1,300 last year to 4,500 this time around.

The future of the event is even brighter, and Coach Greg Glassman talks about what’s next in this video shot on July 25, 2009, at CrossFit Watertown in Oakville, Conn.

For the 2010 Games, Coach Glassman is planning sectional events as precursors to regional qualifiers that will produce 150 total athletes for the competition in Aromas. The event will be streamed live over the Internet for free via a feed from the on-site JumboTron, and the Games will feature a master’s division in addition to the Affiliate Cup and individual categories.

CrossFit’s founder also addresses reality-TV deals, sponsorship and commercialization. In short, Coach is going to do what he’s always done: use the Internet to keep CrossFit true to its grassroots origins.

Video by Again Faster.

9min 50sec

Additional reading: Salo, Wagner Win 2009 CrossFit Games by Mike Warkentin, published July 14, 2009.

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43 Comments on “CrossFit 101: The 2009 and 2010 CrossFit Games”


wrote …

Oh wow! This is sweet.


wrote …

that is awesome. live video!!


wrote …

CrossFit has what every other major company wants...values. The difference is that values are one of our core competencies, not something we hire Marketing MBA's to outsource, acquire or create.

The fitness world, business world, and sport world will scoff at this kind of audacity (proprietary media, non-sponsored growth, refusal of partnerships)...the same way they laughed at kipping pullups, bottled water, and a sports-only cable channel.

And the big difference is that CrossFit has the potential to affect more lives and more positive change than possibly any other sports property besides the Olympics.


wrote …

Ah the good old Glassman induced goose bumps! I love crossfit.


Michael Chase wrote …

"Extending Life and Enhancing the Quality of Life." Yep, that's right on, Coach! I'm 57 and feeling 35 again.


wrote …

A Master's Division? I love that idea. A long time coming. Can't wait!!


wrote …

Outstanding. Sectionals, qualifiers, and live streaming video - I already can't wait for the 2010 games!!


wrote …

Hey GREG!, nice guayabera shirt you got on! LMAO


wrote …

Love. The. Coach.


Dale Saran wrote …

I'll make a prediction now that I think I'll be able to verify in a few years (Tony, archive this):

Within 3 years the CF Games will get a highlight on SportsCenter. They will also be covered (in some way) by SI and other sporting magazines. We will be offered large corporate endorsement deals for people to "own" the CF Games. (Think, like the Metrx World's Strongest Man competition or the Stihl Lumberjack games, etc.) The Games will become a major annual internet event, with viewership live in the six-figure domain.

Let's see if I'm nuts or conservative after the 2012 Games. Hope Coach still has me around then.


Aaron Shaffer wrote …

The boldness with which Glassman rethinks the models of doing things really strikes a chord with me. I am so proud to be a part of this!


wrote …

Masters division and FREE live streaming video - awesome!!!


replied to comment from Dale Saran

Dale, we're pretty much already THERE... your comment is a fairly obvious one, don't expect odds on it!!

Coach, F*cking brilliant. Thanks.

Cam Birtwell


wrote …

Wow everything sounds GREAT!!!! I would love to be able to watch it live!!! I'm not able to watch the video here, but I hope he said no to reality tv.


wrote …

Coach, you're great. We appreciate everything you have done for this sport and the people amongst it


wrote …

Awesome! Is there a Coach shirt? Kind of like the Che Guevara or Bob Marley shirts of revolutionaries.


wrote …

Yeah! Masters Division! That's what I'm talking about! Finally a place for us knee sleeve, headband wearing guys. Get Some!


William Adams wrote …

Masters division, seniors division..... what do you think the ages will be 40+ and 50+ respectively? yeah! for old folks, I'll see ya at the games :-)

Have Fun, Train hard,

Age... Masters division for sure :-)


wrote …

Love the idea of a masters, seniors division.

Well put Justin. Coach, stay strong and don't let the greed of big name corporate marketing ruin a great thing here. We don't need them. All we need are more authentic life success stories of people like 69 year-old Jacinto in NYC and the wounded warriors who are using CF for physical and mental rehab.

Semper Fi,


wrote …

As a 48 by then 49 year old Crossfitter, I can now work toward a new goal, competing in "The Games."
Thanks Coach!

PS: Nice shirt


Rob Barrese wrote …

I hope the folks who whined about the hammer in the last post watch this video!
Thank you Coach for summing it up nicely. The games were outstanding. I would further submit that Coach's intention to facilitate CrossFit across a global scale (i.e. put more emphasis on regional's rather than the actual games) is right-on. This demonstrates leadership that is truly committed to the greater good of the community. Historically, any organization that experienced even a little success would horde that success to the detriment of the quality and greater good of the community. In my eyes as a young professional in this industry I see this as Coach’s intention to uphold the genuine quality of the sport and of the games. With each passing year I have only found more reasons to respect and appreciate the community. Thank you Coach.


wrote …

All of this is fantastic! Live streaming games is blowing my mind! So if theres a cap on how many spectators there are, when can we get tickets?


wrote …

For those of us already CrossFitting, Coach's decision to remain independent is very important. It allows him to control the quality of the programming - specifically the WOD's and scientific information disseminated to the membership.

If a TV series were to take on SURVIVOR-like proportions, the world would be inundated with copycats putting forth all kinds of silliness and calling it 'CrossFit.' The word would go from representing a field of science to a catch-all for a fad.

I know there's a business side to the argument, that he can beat the big companies at their own game, but the fact that he can protect both his business and the values he believes in will be of profit to us all.


wrote …

I'm curious how the masters competitors will be picked, seeing how there were several masters-age athletes in the open competition this year. Will they put everyone through the same regionals/sectionals WODs, pick the top XX# of individual competitors, then pick the top YY# of masters competitors who didn't quite make the cut for the open competition? I'm sure there's some masters who still want to prove they can compete with the younger crowd.


Rob Barrese wrote …

Well put Thomas, good on you!


wrote …

Wes Hubka

I am a crossfitter at 56. Do you have any more details re: the masters event?


replied to comment from Chris McAllister

Maybe I'm just a stick in the mud, but Che Guevera....really? That's the best revolutionary we can come up with? How bout George Washington, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson? Neat, Che was "for the people." He was also a communist and not a huge fan of the U.S. If it was me, I personally wouldn't care how great people thought I was if "Che" was who they related me to in regards to revolutionizing something.

Sorry I don't mean to go off on a tangent but it happens.


I Can't wait to attend/compete in the games next year, and if I don't make it, live streaming video sounds awesome!


wrote …

He mentions a Master's event on Thursday or Friday (with an online qualifier) and then discusses how Crossfit helps maintain quality of life up to 100 years old. That make makes me feel a little better since I am somewhat past the halfway mark now. All his discussion of the games and the business seems driven by the underlying principle of making people's lives better. Sure, he is making money, but the money enables programs that help people.


replied to comment from Dale Saran


This could happen this year if we wanted to say "yes". Saying "no" and bucking the systems will slow things down, but keep the fires hot. First the sponsors will come knocking (shopping for value), then the agencies (IMG, Octagon, SFX) will offer to represent CF's best interests and "help manage our growth", and "facilitate a broader awareness". Then the media outlets will try to invest at a premium. And then???

Just keep saying "no", but keep the right people at the table. There will be a right time to say "yes" to certain propositions.


wrote …

Love it...Makes me proud to be involved with such an amazing community. Definitely gets you excited for next years games, and its only October.


wrote …

awesome awesome awesome!
I love the integrity, transparency and clarty!


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

Greg Glassman -> inspriation.


wrote …

Thanks for everything! for the video, for not selling out and preserving our sport!


wrote …

Dale and I talk about this regularly. Everyone at HQ is committed to maintaining the integrity of the program while spreading Greg's (and the community's) message to more people. We appreciate everyone's contribution in helping us do so.


Peyton, I believe Chris was stating a desire to emulate the popular series of T-shirts with Che Guevara's face on them, not his political or social ideals. As far as I know the "Patrick Henry Face" T-shirt is not well known.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Coach, you always keep making CF better & better!


replied to comment from Frank DiMeo


Looking forward to this Masters on-line qualifier! 60 will be here very soon!


wrote …

When will the masters division information be available? I love it!


wrote …

Coach, you have added purpose for many. I just turned 60 and have not stopped smiling since I saw your video. Looking forward to the Masters details.


wrote …

Masters Division... Outstanding!


replied to comment from Dale Saran

As for the coverage by sports center and si, I think you missed the part where Greg said he is doing this by himself on the web since he has the ability to.


wrote …

Masters division!!! Very motivating!!!


wrote …

The iPhone video is 34 seconds on my phone. Is that correct?

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