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October 20, 2009

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A CrossFit Kids Cert is really about one thing: fun.

Yes, you will learn about exercise technique and how to help youngsters “bank” bone mass as they grow older, but if you don’t have fun, you’re probably missing the point.

According to Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids, making things fun for kids is the most important part of the program. If children are enjoying themselves, it’s going to be far easier to get them hooked on a valuable program that will benefit them physically, socially, mentally and emotionally.

“Get to the game at all costs,” says Mikki Martin. “We will cut off our workout to make sure we fit that game in. If we’re running over, we’re not going to skip the game. That’s what the kids want to leave on: that high note. They’re having a good time. Now remember the games aren’t just a game—there’s work in there.”

By packaging high-intensity, functional movements as games, kids will have fun while forging the future of fitness.

Video by CrossFit by Overload.

4min 54sec

Additional reading: The Inherent Responsibilities of Training Children and Teens by Jeff Martin and Cyndi Rodi, published July 1, 2008.



13 Comments on “CrossFit Kids Cert—Highlights”


wrote …

Yeah, Jeff, she's 4. Get it right dude!
That's so cute!

In think I need to do another Kids cert, you've got more games now, or at least some I didn't get to play.

Great stuff and great to see the CF Kids HQ team again.


wrote …

That's awesome, I want to go to a kids cert now!


wrote …

Simply outstanding! Gotta get to the game!



wrote …

The Martins rock and continue to do such a remarkable job at leading the charge to make fitness and health fun for kids. Keep inspiring the rest of us!


wrote …

Killer vid CrossFit Overload. You nailed it.

It was a great weekend and the entire CF Kids HQ team did a stellar job. Seeing them in action was all it took for us to dive in head first the minute we returned home. Two weeks into our pilot program and having a blast! The kids love it. Thanks again. CFNA


wrote …

Great video Crossfit Overload. High praise to the HQ Team of Crossfit Kids. Making it look easy is very hard. Glad to be a part of this!


wrote …

Great work !
When are we gonna get one of these certs in Europe?
Pref the Uk pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.


wrote …

I cannot say enough about the CF Kids Cert. So much of what I learned also translates very well over to adults. This video just makes me want to attend another cert! Great job guys!



wrote …

i just want to say there is not a day that goes by that I dont get sick of this stuff! All the content in the journal all the great info and help on the message board this community is full of hero's and spcecail people. Crossfit as a hole to me is just an amazing garden that is yeilding a huge harvest to the world thanks to the seeds that Greg and Lauren planted.Great article and thank You all


wrote …

WOW! Jordan that video is awesome. CrossFit kids looks AWESOME! Games that have been "Crossfitized". I like it Mikki.


Cody Limbaugh wrote …


We finally get to see you in FRONT of the camera! You do so much but you are so humble we never see you! That video rocked! I'm emailing lots to say!

(for those of you who don't know- Nichole is the one who greeted at the beginning of the video, a bad-ass and the nicest person you'll ever meet!)


wrote …

such a cool vid!
a supremely paramount subject: embedding the enjoyment (and importance) of physical activity into the lives of our young ones.

just lifts the spirit to watch this.



wrote …

Wow. Great Video. If you haven't been to a CFK cert, sign up right now! The cert is packed full of training cues worth stealing. I use the kids cues for adults at CrossFit Poway all the time.

Overload - Great Job capturing the spirit of the cert!

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