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CrossFit Kids: Fixing the Squat With Jeff Martin by Jeff Martin - CrossFit Journal

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October 03, 2009

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Many kids squat better than their parents because they haven’t picked up 20 years of bad habits and tight muscles earned sitting behind a desk eight hours a day.

Still, some kids need help with their squats, but Jeff Martin of CrossFit Kids says they need different cues than adults. Yelling “Maintain your lumbar curve!” and “Knees out!” at five-year-olds won’t get the results you want, so Martin has devised a host of cues that are easier for children to grasp.

Martin’s solutions are efficient, allowing a trainer to quickly fix problems in a large group without risking losing the other athletes. They can also be integrated into a fun workout so the kid doesn’t have to sit through lengthy one-on-one squat sessions that may become tedious and boring.

As an added bonus, Martin’s techniques will work pretty well with adults who drop their chests, collapse at the bottom and roll their knees in.

Video by Again Faster.

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Additional reading: CrossFit Kids: Forging Future Achievers by Cyndi Rodi, published Aug. 1, 2008.

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5 Comments on “CrossFit Kids: Fixing the Squat With Jeff Martin”


wrote …

very well thought out methods to instruct kids


wrote …

These are excellent ideas. I train my own two kids (13 and 15) and it gives me great ideas for perfecting their squat technique.


wrote …

This was posted as I am in the midst of teaching my grade 3 class how to squat. Perfect timing. Thank-you!


wrote …

Really like your ideas. I will definately put them to use.
I put all of my K-5 elementary classes facing the wall of the gym. They stand about 6 inches from the wall and keep their arms straight. With their hands together and overhead they go down into the squat position. This has worked well for me when teaching large numbers about chest and back positioning on the squat. From there we work on leg position and weight placement on the feet.
Our school of 600, now has 4 years of Crossfit training, with many more to come! Thanks for getting more kids articles on the journal.


wrote …

"As an added bonus, Martin’s techniques will work pretty well with adults who drop their chests, collapse at the bottom and roll their knees in." Thank you for this video, and thanks to a fellow CrossFitter for recommending it to me! I am coming back from a hamstring tear and compensating back injury and have been out for over a month. Today was the first day that I did air squats since my tear, and they were horrendous! I never had a problem with my squats, but my body did not want to cooperate. My chest wasn't lifted, my knees weren't out, and my butt was winking. It was a disaster. I could feel all of that, and I couldn't make it work. I can't wait to try this cues at my next workout.

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