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October 30, 2009

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Jonny and Helen (Helzy) Smyth are the co-owners of Elite 400/CrossFit Northern Ireland, and they opened their box the day after returning from a Level 1 Cert in Manchester, England. At the cert, they asked Coach Greg Glassman to select the very first workout for the new affiliate, and he chose Fight Gone Bad. Nicole Carroll chose Fran for Day 2.

After an aggressive start in the middle of 2008, CrossFit Northern Ireland hosted the Europe Regional Qualifier for the CrossFit Games, an Olympic Weightlifting Cert, a Gymnastics Cert and, most recently, a Level 1 Cert featuring elite athletes/coaches Lisa Ray and Pat Barber.

During the recent Level 1, Sevan Matossian spoke with Jonny and Helen about hosting Mikko Salo and the European regional, the challenges of securing equipment, and the fitness culture in Europe.

7min 06sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Weekend Edition 16, originally aired June 8, 2008.



8 Comments on “CrossFit Northern Ireland: Jonny and Helzy on Affiliation”


wrote …

That's some nice Russian beats that fidler is playing


wrote …

Awesome video. Glad to be a part of elite 400. also i always wondered what that guy was playing..we renamed it..the trumpalin.


wrote …

I love Jonny and helen, i was there for the qualifiers, if you ever meet jonny give him hug he doesn't do handshakes, he does hugs


wrote …

I don't need to wish the Irish god luck :)

What realy blew my mind is that we have the same fiddler guy in out city in belgium. same kind of violin, same song!! I bet they are related.

Vasiliy: the song is a mix between "katusha" and "kalinka" no?


wrote …

Morning all. I usually don't put any comments on anything. I just try to follow the usual WOD's. Here's my situation. I will have surgery on my ankle this week. I can't put ANY pressure, stand, walk on my left foot for two long months. Just that in itself is enough to depress someone active. Nevertheless, I would appreciate any workouts ideas considering my temporary handicap. I already figured some workouts but any help would be graetly appreciated.
I have a pullup / dip station, "perfetc pull up" attachement, dumbbels (dial-a-weight). I have kettlebells as well and a treadmill(which I won"t be able to use).

Thanks in advance for your help.

LB, Ottawa, Canada.


wrote …


check the message boards. I'm sure there are plenty of threads about this...

Pick a goal and work on it. Eg X amount of dead hang pullups or 2 minute l-sit hold.


wrote …

Hey Helzy and Jonny, good to see you guys hitting the big time. Although I still can't understand a word either one of you says...


replied to comment from Matt Solomon

Thanks Matt. Will do.

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