Integrating CrossFit With SPEAR

By Tony Blauer and Freddy Camacho

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October 22, 2009

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Tony Blauer’s SPEAR self-defense system has more in common with CrossFit than you might think. Together with Freddy Camacho of CrossFit One World, Blauer talks about how CrossFit and combatives can complement each other.

The SPEAR System—spontaneous protection enabling accelerated response—is based on the startle/flinch reflex that’s hard-wired into the body. As such, the SPEAR movements are “prehistoric,” instinctive and natural in the same way a squat or a deadlift has been part of human movement for millennia. Furthermore, much of the training Blauer does through Blauer Tactical Systems involves stressing several energy pathways in a wide range of different ways, much like a CrossFit WOD.

“Aerobics gets you to the fight,” Blauer says. “Anaerobics gets you through the fight.”

Video by Again Faster.

6min 15sec

Additional reading: Fight Training Fitness: An Interview With Tony Blauer by Yael Grauer, published Feb. 1, 2007.



8 Comments on “Integrating CrossFit With SPEAR”


wrote …

Blaur + Freddy= car i would not want to fight lol you guys are bad asses


Stephen Wakefoose wrote …

The coolest thing is to see this relationship evolve. How many MA schools are out there with the weight machine or set up in the corner where a few hard core students hit it on top of there MA lesson? How many people go to a "kick boxing aerobic" class and think they can defend themselves? Just like u can be in shape and get your ass kicked with out that skill set you can learn "self defense" and get your ass kicked cause you not in shape to apply it. There is a definitive marriage here of training. It's just a no brainer. IMHO


wrote …

CrossFit Hove is hosting a SPEAR seminar on the 21st november-first SPEAR seminar at a CrossFit box outside the USA!


wrote …

This was a cool video, with some incredibly good ideas, why are there only 3 comments on it?


wrote …

I am number 5...ha ha


wrote …

If ever there was a brain I would like to download, Tony has it. Hope to see you in Oz soon brother


wrote …

This video is pretty kick ass. I like how Tony related movements today to the ones the cavemen did naturally. The primal lifestyle is the key to everything we do, whether it be work out or diet.


wrote …

Great video. The ideas are revolutionary. I think the comment about using complex motor skills at a high heart rate is something to think about. I have taught Self defense and have been to Spear seminars and believe that the marriage of the two are inevitable.

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