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By Kyle Maynard

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October 17, 2009

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CrossFitter Kyle Maynard was born without hands and feet but has overcome all challenges to become one of CrossFit’s most inspirational athletes. In this video shot at Tony Blauer’s Tactical Training Center in Virginia, Maynard talks about his recent MMA debut on April 25, 2009.

Maynard has been wrestling for years, so he’s no stranger to one-on-one physical competition. Still, wrestling in high school and college is different from being locked in a cage with another fighter. Maynard explains that he lost the MMA match but scored yet another important personal victory:

“For me, getting in the cage and having that shut, regardless of the outcome, that was my new limit—the new thing that I set for myself—and I’m going to try and break that,” Maynard said.

Video by Again Faster.

5min 13sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 68, originally aired May 26, 2009.



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wrote …

Kyle - thanks for continuing to be a great inspirition and shining example for us all.


wrote …

Wow! I'd love to see more video of this guy. That's amazing.


wrote …

Out Standing!!


wrote …

Thank you Kyle for your inspiring example.


wrote …

man i wish i had the balls to do MMA


wrote …

Kyle Maynard is always an inspiration for his unflagging determination and the honesty and depth of the recollections he shares. Beyond that, I'd be intrigued to see the practical side to his training, namely the way in which he creates WODs from day to day. What is the range of exercises available to him?

It would seem, from the videos we've seen, that he's made a philosophical choice to work with what he has, whether climbing into an MMA cage or using rings or kettlebells. Is that so? He doesn't make any more 'radical' adaptations? Does he ever strap on specially made fins to swim? Does he have a racing wheelchair? That shot of him rolling away from the camera made me imagine that a special fitting would enable a butterfly or rowing motion to propel him.

I'm sure he knows about gadgets I haven't thought of, and no doubt the sheer expense could rule many of them out. Still, this is a man of considerable talent. How does that play out in terms of innovation?


wrote …

Kyle it was a pleasure and an honor to meet you at the 2009 Camp this year in Virginia Beach. Great stories my friend.
Dan S.


wrote …

Great video. Hearing Kyle speak is inspirational


wrote …

wow.. that was incredible.. I would love to watch more videos of him.

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