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Spanish Deadlift by Maggie Dabe - CrossFit Journal

Spanish Deadlift

By Maggie Dabe

In Exercises, Videos

October 27, 2009

Video Article

Maggie Dabe from CrossFit Fairfax is one of CrossFit HQ’s traveling seminar trainers. Originally from Ecuador, she explains our standard cues and faults for the deadlift entirely in Spanish.

When performing the deadlift, the stance will be between hip and shoulder width, with the weight in the heels. The grip will be just outside the knees, and the lumbar curve must be maintained throughout the lift. The shoulders will be over, or just slightly in front of, the bar at the set-up. During the lift, both the hips and shoulders should rise at the same rate. In a good lift, the bar will stay close to the shins and thighs at all times, and the hip and knee angles will be completely open at the top of the movement.

This series is our first venture into foreign-language instruction in a video. The rest of the nine core movements will be included.

Maggie Dabe explica el peso muerto en Español.

Video by Again Faster

6min 37sec

Additional viewing: Correcting the Deadlift with Rachel Medina, originally published March 27, 2009.

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4 Comments on “Spanish Deadlift”


wrote …

representing ecuador!!


replied to comment from Jorge Montesinos

it would be nice with subtitles. i mean, if you can find the time do it. feels like they might be saying something useful that we non-spanish speaking miss out on.


Pavel Saenz wrote …

Como siempre Maggie haciendo un excelente trabajo, gracias por entregar una enseñanza de calidad, clara, y fácil de seguir. Gracias Maggie!


Ezekiel Martinez wrote …

Muy bien hecho Maggie! Soy la madre de Ezekiel, y hago Crossfit en su "Caja". Me fascino oir la explicacion en mi lengua. Gracias!

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