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October 21, 2009

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Trust Jeff Tucker of GSX Athletics to serve up a challenging gymnastics movement like it’s a shot of Irish whiskey.

At a Gymnastics Cert held Aug. 29-30, 2009, at Elite 400/CrossFit Northern Ireland, Tucker uses John Brown (CrossFit Agoge) and Michelle Benedict (CrossFit Fort Bragg) to demonstrate several ways to scale the iron cross while you build up the strength needed to complete the full movement.

By reaching through the straps and grabbing the rings from the outside, athletes can create some leverage to assist them as they move from the support position to the first, second and third positions. With a spotter’s assistance, aspiring CrossFit gymnasts can work through the progressions until they’re ready to tackle the full movement, which is an impressive feat of strength that’s also good at a party.

“Hold my pint and look at this shit,” Tucker says.

Tucker was head coach and director of Texas Christian University’s gymnastics/cheerleading programs from 2001 to 2006 and now conducts CrossFit’s Gymnastics Certifications.

9min 20sec

Additional reading: Scaling up CrossFit Workouts With Rings by Tyler Hass, published May 1, 2008.



9 Comments on “Tucker in Ireland: The Iron Cross”


wrote …

Awesome video!


wrote …

This article was going to be posted a little while back, but was replaced by the one on Boz. Glad to see that it finally made it through. Been looking forward to it.


wrote …

You should always take your rings to the pub.
I love it.


wrote …

What a great crew CrossFit Northern Ireland was... Good people and fun staff to work with. And of course I always try and take my rings to the PUB!


wrote …

Love the Redman in the back pocket Jeff. Haha


wrote …

I love Tuck's vids. I'll add this to the back tuck vid I'll be attempting this weekend..........why do i see another broken nose in my near future.


wrote …

nice !, I think I will go mess with my rings for a while.


wrote …

Nice work Tucker! Make Michelle work a little harder next time. Can not wait to see you in Charlotte, NC.


wrote …

Awesome video and love the different Crossfit Ireland shirts in the video. Tucker is one bad mothertrucker!

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