Who Is Boz?

By Adrian Bozman

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October 07, 2009

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“My name is Adrian Bozman, and my athletic background before CrossFit is very spotty.”

That may be true—but Boz is also one of CrossFit’s top trainers, and he’s a damn fine athlete by CrossFit’s standards. Interestingly enough, he learned most of the CrossFit movements on his own and developed into a great trainer. When his plans to open his own box didn’t materialize, Boz teamed up with Kelly Starrett at San Francisco CrossFit, where he coaches athletes within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Boz also travels the country working the Level 1 and 2 certs and serves as a head judge at the CrossFit Games, and he’s one half of The Boz and Todd Experience with Todd Widman.

Employment history aside, you should know that Boz can locate a good barbecue restaurant blindfolded in any city in America, he doesn’t like beer, and he loves a hot sauna in a Russian/Turkish bathhouse.

Video by Again Faster.

6min 57sec

Additional reading: By Any Means Necessary by Mike Warkentin, published July 29, 2009.

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16 Comments on “Who Is Boz?”


wrote …

Wow, what's beneath all that hair?


Tracy Coughlin wrote …

I would love if Boz and Todd dropped by my CF gym. You can't help but like these guys!


wrote …

What happened to the Jeff Tucker article?...

Trust Jeff Tucker of GSX Athletics to serve up a challenging gymnastic movement like it’s a shot of Irish whiskey.
At a Gymnastics Cert held at Elite 400/CrossFit Northern Island on Aug. 29-30, 2009, Tucker uses John Brown (CrossFit Agoge) and Michelle Benedict (CrossFit Fort Bragg) to demonstrate several ways to scale the iron cross while you build up the strength needed to complete the full movement.
By reaching through the straps and grabbing the ring from the outside, athletes can create some leverage to assist them as they move from the support position to the first, second and third positions. With a spotter’s assistance, aspiring CrossFit gymnasts can work through the progressions until they’re ready to tackle the full movement, which is an impressive feat of strength that’s also good at a party.
“Hold my pint and look at this shit,” Tucker says.
Tucker was head coach and director of Texas Christian University’s gymnastics/cheerleading programs from 2001 to 2006 and now conducts CrossFit’s Gymnastics Certifications.
9min 20sec
Additional reading: Scaling Up CrossFit Workouts With Rings by Tyler Hass, published May 1, 2008.


wrote …

On the last part about barbeque.. it's so true.

Within minutes of arrival of the hotel by West Point, NY, Boz spotted a BBQ joint and insisted we go there. We then went there for the next two dinner meals. Watching this man eat barbeque is pretty insane. He's not exactly a lightweight, so he can put back a couple racks of ribs and brisket no problem.


wrote …

You have always been one of my favorite CrossFiters Ever since i saw my first Boz and Todd expirience you guys are a riot.
P.S.-your b-day skydive picture, wats up with that i thought i was white lol


wrote …

I was in the back of a Lv II class this summer. I've spent my life in the company of leaders and teachers. Against that context, Boz was very impressive as a leader and teacher. CrossFit's lucky to have him. Paul


wrote …


If you like BBQ, get on the Level 1 and 2 cert here at Fort Leavenworth, KS 19-22 NOV. Definately able to fill you "meat on meat" request.



wrote …

If you don't like "The Boz".........its not the Boz's fault.


wrote …

GREAT INSIGHT...I am totally down with leaders and teachers that are humble and whom can also backup their stuff.
You the man BOZ. Hope to meet you some day.

Taking my self taught butt to the Level 1 cert. in HB, Ca. Feb 20th.
It's goin to be a blast.


wrote …

BOZ for President!! He coached my L1 and L2 - He's my all-time fav (next to Nicole) and am honored to have had the opportunity to have learned from him! He's a phenomenal coach!
If you haven't had the BOZ experience, you're missing out!! Would love to coach along side him one day..


wrote …

Russian/Turkish Baths... Baltika #7 in a sauna = awesome!


wrote …

Boz is a stud. He taught at my Level 1 and then actually remembered my name 4 months later when I showed up to volunteer at the Games. He's an awesome trainer and stays very cool under pressure.

Crossfit is lucky to have you on board brother, keep up the good work!


wrote …

Boz was hands down the best instructor at my level 1 cert which was filled with a group of CF superstar instructors. Great attitude with an obvious love for fitness.


wrote …

I agree adrian can find BBQ in ANY city!

fun video. :-)


wrote …

The best part was the last thought about, "still figuring out who I am...." As if that is supposed to EVER stop!!?? A process that has been clinically proven to be aided by consistent doses of BBQ.


wrote …

so where is the russian banya at? by the way you rock Boz

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