Coach Glassman at Fort Hood

By Greg Glassman

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November 11, 2009

Video Article

On Aug. 28, 2009, CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman made an appearance on Fort Hood TV during a visit to the U.S. Army facility in Texas. Coach Glassman was invited to speak at a Commanders’ Call just as the Army was doing an eight-week evaluation of CrossFit vs. regular PT. Coach used the occasion to present the Army with $20,000 of fitness gear as part of Operation Phoenix.

He also did an in-studio interview for Fort Hood TV. It is presented here unedited and in its entirety (including an "off-the-record" informal discussion before the official interview). Among other topics, Coach talks about his desire to help men and women in uniform through Operation Phoenix, as well as how CrossFit grew from one tiny facility to a multinational corporation.

After opening the first CrossFit box in Santa Cruz, Calif., Greg and Lauren started training athletes and posting their workouts to the web. “That was the spark that set the fire,” Coach says.

Fort Hood is also home to the affiliates Centurion CrossFit Fort Hood and Lumberjack CrossFit.

Additional reading: The Panther Recon Downrange Gym by 1st Lt. Matthew Hoff, first published Sept. 20, 2009.



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wrote …

No greater Honour for a civilian than helping a soldier accomplish their mission of better yet come home in one piece!

Going to make a T-Shirt of that one!


Kevin Suttmoeller wrote …

One man changing the world! Take heed everyone. It can be done!


wrote …

The Army is doing a comparison of CrossFit vs. regular PT? Was it randomized? Will the results be published anywhere?


replied to comment from Clayton Nall

Thank you Coach!

Clayton, here are a few articles on a comparison done for us, Canadian Forces, a while back. I was only looking for one of these, but found s couple more great reads.

We do CrossFit, or VERY close to it, most of the time for PT now, along with good ol' runs now and then.

Go Navy!


wrote …

CrossFit isn't a publicly held/owned business, so it shouldn't be noted as a multinational corporation. It's an international business, for sure, but not a corporation.


replied to comment from James Varpalotai


Actually, you don't need to be publicly owned/held to be a corporation. Corporate status has much more to do with your tax status and liability than the option of being traded publicly. As a corporation you are prone to paying more in taxes but are immune to individual liability because the corporation itself is considered a separate libel entity (or something like that... I'm not a business dude!)

Anyways, good video but I do object to Coach saying that Crossfit does no marketing because that is clearly not true even if he believes it to be so. Word of mouth is a type of marketing, a website is marketing, T-shirts with slogans are marketing, an annual competition based on the fitness sport you created is marketing, going around giving the same Crossfit schpeil and posting videos of it on the journal and viral video sites is marketing, licensing the Crossfit name to boxes is marketing and it goes on and on. I am in no way insinuating that this is a bad thing or that Coach is trying to deceive anyone but the fact is, Crossfit is one of the most well marketed products I have ever seen and I think they should take credit for it! If not for the fact that a big part of their marketing is insisting that they don't use marketing... ;) Great job Coach, keep not marketing the brand!


replied to comment from Clayton Nall

Clayton, currently myself and a colleague are attempting to develop an environment that will facilitate CrossFit and allow for scientific data collection (in a more traditional exercise science laboratory). Hopefully in the not so far future more literature will be out there further validating the effectiveness of CrossFit. Often the scientific community is a few steps behind the real world.


wrote …

Coach, you look like a lean, mean, fighting machine. Keep up the great work and come see us in Charlotte, NC. with your CrossFit 101.


Brad Cogburn wrote …

CrossFit has had some dramatic changes on me physically. Over the past three years I have been doing CrossFit. My lung capacity has increased, my tidal volume has been measured in the last three years with volume/out put. It started with 5.5l fill and 5.2l discharge. This last measurement I scored 6.5l with a discharge of 6.2l. For a firefighter that is huge! I have been goiing longer in live fire trainings on a 30 minute bottle and have had the power to keep working. Ihave also seen changes in my blood work, lower cholesterol as an example. I feel this program was developed for me. It's awesome and thank you coach!


wrote …

Does money from operation phoenix regularly go to the Army? I know in this case he specifically donated money to them, but from what I see on the operation phoenix website all the regular money goes to the Marine Corps. If this is so - we really need an Army program. Really really really. Either that, or operation phoenix money needs to start going to both services and the website needs to be updated.


replied to comment from Jesse Gray

Any really effective or worthwhile product markets itself. I only wish I had stumbled across this in 2001 instead of 2009...


wrote …

Since it is an Army study, the results may not be posted anywhere. The results will more than likely get sent up to Fort Benning GA and TRADOC where they will be mulled over by personnel who have no idea what Crossfit is. Also, some of them will be of the old school types who will be more akin to 2 mins of pushups, 2 mins of situps, then go for a 4 mile run. Hopefully in this study, the personnel will be a variety of individuals seen in combat support and service support units, not just combat arms. Also, hopefully, personnel on the Army Overweight Program and those on profiles restricting what exercises they can do are included also. I am also praying that the 2 CrossFit affiliates are being Zone/Paleo nazis when it comes to nutrition. In my experience in the Army, Joe/Jane will do the tough PT, but then go home and start chain swallowing Big Macs, pizza, and beer, or worse eat nothing at all because of mission requirements. Not sure when this study started, but they picked the worst time to conduct it. 2 major holidays in November and Christmas leave in December, the personnel who are in this study have better be committed to their training. It is my wish that once this study is completed, that the Army will adopt this type of training for PT and skim some of the fat of the new PT manual that is coming out soon. That manual is as thick as a phone book.


wrote …

nice to see you Coach. You look great! keep up the good fight!


I absolutely agree!


wrote …

It should be noted that several of the diseased at Ft. Hood were Crossfitters. Also, it has been reported that the civilian LEO who took down the alleged shooter is a Crossfitter.

Good on ya, Coach, for expanding Operation Phoenix.



wrote …

Coach you look great, I like the short hair. I agree with Jesse that sure Crossfit may not be Wal-Mart (yet), I don't know if coach ever wants to be a Wal-Mart, but it is a multinational corporation, and you are right you don't have to be publicly listed to be a multinational.
Trevor Wallace
Investment Advisor.


wrote …


I surely hope you meant DECEASED and not DISEASED, unless you were talking about AmyNYC?

Also, Kim Munley did NOT bring the gunman down. Stop spreading silly rumors to further the 'cause.'


wrote …

CrossFit is a corporation, as evidenced by the Inc. following its name. The creation of legal entities (corporations) separate from the founders, owners and management (and shielding the founders, owners and management from unlimited liability) is what allows business enterprises to function in society. Commerce as we know it (and the collective wealth we all enjoy relative to 99.9% of humans that came before) depends on this legal system. What I don't understand is why Greg and Laura want to be taxed twice rather than once, as the owner of an LLC is.


replied to comment from Steven Matheson

Steven - pls clarify your statement - I've seen several reports that Munley did shoot the murderer four times. If you have better info, would you like to it please. Paul


wrote …

I think it is fantastic that Coach donated the equipment on this occasion. However, I hope that it does not continue it the future. I am in the Army, and I know it sounds crazy, but I don't want Operation Phoenix money to be used for the Army. The Army is rich (relatively), and the Marines are definitely not. They need worse than we do. I encourage all the Army CFer's to pester the crap out of their respective MWR offices and gyms to make some CF friendly purchases. The Army spends millions on Globo Gym stuff. Write up a cost analysis comparison and pitch it to your MWR folks, or your Chain of Command. Trust me, your brigade commander can have a HUGE influence on what goes into his gym.


wrote …

God Bless Glassman!


replied to comment from Trevor Wallace

It sounds like you're describing an LLC- limited liability company.,,id=98277,00.html

It does approximate corporate with its ownership/tax structure, I suppose. I was just surprised to hear Glassman describe CrossFit as corporate- he's traditionally characterized it as a mom and pop shop that caught on.


replied to comment from Tony Gutierrez

well put Tony... i agree 100%

but as more and more of our soldiers/officers who are crossfit enthusiests keep attending certs and boasting about there box... the more our leaders will see what its doing for us/them and be more open to change. as the case for my company right now, i just finished level 1 yesterday and my Commander is already asking me when we'll be doing CF for pt.

start from the inside and work our way out and slowly while crossing our fingers..we can change the big beast we call the US Army..


wrote …

I wish that I had known about CrossFit while I was still in the Army, rather than spending years on a profile because every day running killed my knees. I pray that the military adopts this program for its soldiers; I am in better shape now that I am out doing CrossFit. Also, I second the question as to why there is no publication in peer-reviewed, scholarly journals. Anyone who is doing exercise research, I strongly encourage you to do this as it will take all the 'data points' that Coach is always talking about, and turn them from anecdotal (which unfortunately, they still are, even though they show overwhelming results) into legitimate, valid evidence within the academic and health care community. Good luck.


wrote …

#18 Steven,
Although that was distasteful at best, I laughed for a long time! You, good sir, are funny!

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