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November 14, 2009

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CrossFit Games competitor Blair Morrison is living in Europe and trying to stay fit on a continent that’s just discovering CrossFit.

Earlier this year, I accepted the enrollment offer of the Leiden/Paris/Oxford Europaeum Programme, which will see me traveling across the continent and studying the respective histories of various European countries and their civilizations. From the experience of others, I was loosely aware of the fitness culture in Europe. I understood that gyms were a relatively rare commodity—even rarer when considering the type of gym I was used to.

My new lifestyle has forced me to adapt, search out fitness resources where they are sparse, and, when necessary, pursue physical outlets by non-traditional means. In early September, I started a blog, FitQuest, with the intention of detailing how these challenges impacted my life and how I stayed fit in spite of them. I’ve trained in medieval fortresses, ancient cities, beaches and vineyards, and I’ve sought out CrossFit affiliates across Europe. During this experience, my training philosophy has necessarily grown, simultaneously enhancing and refining its original character through adaptation.

Drawing on my blog posts for its content, this article is intended to be a window into that adaptation. It spans the first two months of my experience, a multitude of locations, a myriad of cultural and personal reflections, and some pretty atypical training methods. The underlying message is that obstacles are always inevitable but never insurmountable. They simply necessitate the right response.

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3 Comments on “A World Without Boxes: CrossFit Europe Part I”


wrote …

I've been following your blog for the last couple of weeks, what a gem!

Great to see you find inventive ways to becoming more CrossFit, your experiences are an awesome inspiration to me - keep it up!


wrote …

I've trained at Balance Gym in DC a few times and it is great. A treasure chest for DC Crossfitters.


wrote …

Great article Blair. Keep up the good work.

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