CrossFit Radio, Episode 92

By Justin Judkins

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November 04, 2009

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Kristopher Germain, a new affiliate owner, and Olympic-lifting expert/CrossFit athlete Sage Burgener joined Justin on Episode 92 of CrossFit Radio, webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009.

1:42 New affiliate owner Kristopher Germain joined us for the second installment in a series where we follow his progress as he starts a new affiliate. Kris updated us on what’s transpired with his affiliate over the last four weeks, covering topics such as finding a space, dealing with potential landlords and zoning issues, and establishing a relationship with municipal officers. He discussed how he plans on getting people in the door and what his price points are. Kris is already seeing increased performance with the athletes he trains, and he talked about the excitement and community that are developing as people start to CrossFit with his help.

33:34 Olympic-lifting expert Sage Burgener came on the show to talk about competing for CrossFit Invictus in the Affiliate Cup at the 2009 CrossFit Games. Sage also talked about the one-day Olympic-lifting seminars she conducts, explaining how the seminars originated and how they’re formatted. Sage went on to offer a little insight as to what it’s like to help her father, Coach Mike Burgener, as he puts on CrossFit’s Olympic Lifting Certifications. Finally, she provided some background info on when she started training and competing, how she trains, and what her plans for the near future include.

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wrote …

As a Crossfitter and a Commercial Real Estate Broker I deal a lot with site selection and identifying the correct property for your box.

I am currently working with a dance school and here is a checklist of what you should seek out from the city and the landlord.
1) A RETAIL space in Miami goes for $5,500/month for 2,500 square feet
INDUSTRIAL space goes for $2,000/month for 2,200 square feet
2) Zoning: Can you Crossfit in your desired location
3) Parking
3) Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate your lease amount and the landlord
improvements. We negotiaited 3 months of no rent along with the flooring
and mirrors being the financial responsibility of the landlord.

Do not be afraid to ask for everything, you may be suprised on how badly the landlord needs the cash flow and will give you a lot of concessions.


wrote …

Really appreciated this interview. We are going through a lot of the same tribulations regarding the zoning issues. We are looking to open a box in Escondido CA (San Diego). Industrial goes for about $1 a SF. Commercial/retail anywhere from $2-$3 a SF. Landlords are definately willing to negotiate, although I never thought about having them put in the desired flooring. Great idea! Conditional Use permits are needed for those light industrial areas, if allowed at all. Best hope would seem to be finding a warehouse type structure within a commercial zone.


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Once again JJ great info......I'm in the process of looking for a space....I'm training about 25 to 30 clients out of my garage in San Jacinto/Hemet...Thanks for the help!
One thing......PLEASE PLEASE! can you do something about the sound levels.....Ive listened to all of CrossFit Radio episodes and its been an issue on almost all...MY EAR DRUMS ARE WRECKED......I listen on my ipod and the callers are very hard to hear...I turn up the sound and when you talk BOOM! Sorry to complain I love the show I just don't want to lose my hearing so early in my life.....Thanks YOU ROCK JJ


wrote …

Great episode! I totally relate to balancing family, work and owning a box. We're currently outgrowing our space that we rent from someone else and feeling the same pain finding a space. Great advice Richard. The zoning issue is huge. I'm also finding picking a geographical location to be a challenge. How far will our people, and new people be willing to travel? Pricing was also a good point to hit. Always a struggle, but each case and box is different.

Keep it up.



wrote …

Great show! Very timely as I was starting to look at spaces and I happen to be in California too. Loved the information.

PS...Coach Burgener is fastest on Facebook. LOL

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