CrossFit Radio, Episode 94

By Justin Judkins

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November 18, 2009

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Firefighter Combat Challenge competitor David Bowman and nutrition top gun, guru and geek Robb Wolf joined Justin on Episode 94 of CrossFit Radio, webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2009.

Justin began the show by reading an e-mail requesting the input of teachers who are using CrossFit in their P.E. classes. The listener thought information on successful strategies would help other teachers and affiliate owners alike—especially those who train adults who behave like children.

4:39 David Bowman is a trainer at CrossFit Charlotte, but he’s also one of the world’s top competitors in the Firefighter Combat Challenge. The world championships are going on right now in Las Vegas, Nev., and David is currently first in the grand national standings and the over-40 category. In the interview, which was taped before the competition, David describes how the competition works and how CrossFit training prepares him for it.

31:18 Robb Wolf is the owner of CrossFit NorCal and one of the instructors CrossFitters see at Nutrition Certifications. He talked about his new book that’s nearing completion, as well as the On Ramp program he’s initiated at his affiliate to get new members started off on the right foot both nutritionally and physically. Robb provided the low down on grains and why to avoid them, and he spent some time on post-WOD meals and why intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone.

55min 9sec

Additional reading: Firefighter Combat Challenge and the Definitions of Fitness by Mike Warkentin, published Sept. 1, 2009.

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2 Comments on “CrossFit Radio, Episode 94”


wrote …

Hello Justin,

My wife & I recently completed the November Big Sur Half-Marathon. Her training regime since September was basically daily treadmill (boring) at the local 24Hour Fitness. Mine since September was Crossfit HQ WODs as best I could at 24Hour Fitness, scaling as required - I am wicked paranoid about improper form leading to injury. We both did a 'couple-time' 6-12 mile run every Sunday.

I had done an 8-class Crossfit Intro course in August to learn the basic moves ("stand tall"!!!)

We both finished our first ever half-marathon. I was NOT sore the next day. I was even in the mood to continue with Crossfit WODs the very next day. 'Domestic discussion' about whether or not we were going to the gym. I lost ;-);-);-)

I might have done better than the wife if I had been doing Crossfit Endurance WODs in addition to Crossfit HQ WODs. None-the-less, having only run 6-12 miles a week plus Crossfit WODs, I finished my first half-marathon, I had no issues the following day. Her time was ~ 2:27. Mine was ~ 2:33

We are now pondering the Big Sur full marathon in April 2010. Crossfit will be my training regime; although I feel compelled to start Crossfit Endurance.

The wife thinks it is all a 'cult' (funny cult that costs nothing!!!). Much 'domestic discussion' on this matter.


P.S. Keep up the good work. I seem to always be listening to Crossfit Radio while doing pull-ups. Amazed at my pull-up progress since starting Crossfit. The wife is also noticing changes; although it provokes 'domestic discussion' whenever she mentions it.


wrote …

Wow! If there was ever an episode that needed following up. Maybe after the smoke clears, see if calm heads can prevail.

Thanks for all your great work. I look forward to the show every week. Ciao, Charles

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