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By Daniel Andrews and Mike Warkentin

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November 02, 2009

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The CrossFit world is full of amazing stories—here are some of the very best, as written by Daniel Andrews and Mike Warkentin.

CrossFit changes lives—we all know it.

In this regular feature, the CrossFit Journal compiles the most extraordinary stories from a community of extraordinary people.

In this edition, we feature Daniel Andrews, a Denver police officer with a four-hour marathon time and an 892-lb. CrossFit Total. In August, Andrews used CrossFit training to help lift a pick-up truck off a downed colleague who was pinned beneath after a suspect dragged him down a Colorado road during an arrest.

In Ohio, CrossFitter Katy Vander Roest woke up to find an intruder in her bedroom—but instead of getting scared, she got angry. When the man reached under her blanket and she felt rubber gloves, Vander Roest proceeded to “beat the shit out of him” and send the assailant running out the front door.



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I can't access the PDF :-(


wrote …

What an inspiring article on the Denver Police Officer and also on he young lady who has definitely used her Crossfit in a very functional manner. I am a retired Denver Police Officer by many years, now 69, and come from a powerlifting background. I think Crossfit is the best thing to ever come along for power and total fitness. I train using the scaled workouts at pack level. I live in a University town and the interest level here is great.


wrote …

I'm a Denver Police Officer and Academy Instructor (specializing in CrossFit/Krav Maga/Arrest control, but not the instructor mentioned in the article). It's exactly because of stories and people like Dan Andrews that we've switched completely to a CrossFit program at the Academy. We're also hoping to get an in-service CrossFit physical fitness program going (it'll be voluntary so if any DPD guys/gals are reading this don't freak out!). Dan's story is very inspiring as is Dan in general as a person. I often hold Dan up as one of the finest cops I know!

Ms. Vander Roest's story is great! I don't know many cops that have the nerve and fight that she displayed protecting herself. If she ever wants a job with the DPD she's more than welcome here!!


wrote …

inspiring stuff.

Congratulations Officer and thank you for sharing your story


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I'm a Denver Police Officer as well and had the privilege of working with Daniel Andrews as a car and district partner for many years. Since the day I started working with him I've known Daniel to be serious about maintaning his fitness. CrossFit has COMPLETELY changed Daniel's approach to health and fitness, and 6 months ago he encouraged me to join a CrossFit gym. At first I thought he was some crazy Crossfitter and that there was no way I could accomplish the things I saw on the website and that he does in his daily workouts. 6 months later, I'm addicted and share the mindset that he describes in this article - CrossFit equips you with a physical ability and a mental toughness to take on challenges that you would never have considered before! Thanks for publishing Daniels story - as Aaron Brill said, he is one of the most inspiring people and one of the finest police officers I have the honor of knowing.

To Ms Vander Roest, way to fight! Your courage in the face of an attack is the kind of story that encourages others to be strong and courageous. Thanks for sharing it with the CrossFit community! You are an inspiration!


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I live in Denver and can't help the feeling of civic pride upon reading this article. Yeah, DPD rocks! Denver Sheepdog and the others who wrote in, I am really glad you guys are out there and thank you so much for your dedication and service.


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These are great examples of how crossfit removes doubt and replaces it with confidence. As a fellow sheepdog (officer), I share Daniel's attitude with regard to giving up our right to be out of shape. I hope that crossfit will continue to help officers everywhere find fitness.

I have always worked hard to take care of myself, but when I started crossfit, I found a new level of confidence. Now I just smile when "bad guys" resist. I am wondering how shocked this guy will be at how fast a 36yo/5-11/175lb cops is going to have him in the back seat of a squad car! On a serious note, I know that because of crossfit, I am better equipped to help my partners with the unknowable.


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Thanks Daniel for sharing. You're an inspiration dude!


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Amen Daniel. Your faithfulness and dedication is truly inspiring! I can't help but be reminded by 2 Timothy 1:7 which says "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline." You are living proof of that brother!

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