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November 15, 2009

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Join us for a live webcast of Dr. Sears’ Zone Nutrition lecture on Sunday morning, Nov. 15, at 9 a.m. EST.

In a first-time event for CrossFit, watch a live Internet stream of Dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet, presenting his renowned lecture on the anti-inflammatory aspects of the Zone Diet and how it relates to enhancing your physical performance.

With a precisely balanced diet, smart training and the right amount of essential fatty acids, athletes can improve reaction time, reduce body fat and inflammation, and improve moods—all leading to a higher level of performance.

Click here for the player window and to register.

Watching? Did you watch? Post thoughts on the live feed to comments.

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19 Comments on “Live Webcast—Today 9 a.m.-1 p.m. EST”


wrote …

I hope this will be archived. i had a prior commitment when the video was announced.


wrote …

I'm watching it, but the sound appears to be heavily muted. Anyone else having this issue?


wrote …

I think there should be a workout called "Barry". Thanks, coach, for access to this incredible information.


replied to comment from Jason Ashman

Wow- 2 minutes after I put that on the board, the sound improves. Nicely done.


wrote …

I like the fact that these molecular baked foods are Zone-friendly but there's one thing wrong with them. They have sucralose, which has chlorine is overall bad for our system.


wrote …

Wow, very impressive presentation. The first hour or so was stuff we've seen before but the man talked for nearly four hours! Anyone who's done any public speaking knows that's a real feat in and of itself... to have something meaningful to say for that period is just crazy. The last question, regarding the timing of fat consumption was a very good one.


wrote …

Have watched all the Dr Sears videos previously shown in the journal. Great to see the full presentation. Was very interested to see that a strict zone diet is actually a paleo zone diet. This shouild be made more obvious to everyone, as the presentation of the zone through the journal articles gives the impression that following "The Zone" can be done by taking, grains, dairy, alcohol and caffeine as long as its in moderation.


replied to comment from Michael Halbfish

Darn!! Missed it! Ditto for me on Archiving.


wrote …

I watched the video. It was more than I expected. A lot of good information. I did have a question. One of the examples of a Zone strict plan was 5 meals of 200 calories a day. 200 calories? I have been incorporating a Zone/paleo lifestyle over the last 2 months and I have not been able to get my meals that small without feeling like a rabbit and being constantly hungry. Any advice?


wrote …

Thank you Dr. Sears and CrossFit, really great information offered. Is it possible to get a copy of the power point presentation?


replied to comment from Graham Leck

Yeah. I thought that was very interesting. I had a trainer at an affiliate tell me to screw the zone and go Paleo. When I heard Dr. Sears describe the strict zone and say studies of pre-historic diet partially verified it, my ears perked up. Very interesting. I always thought the whole evolutionary, paleo argument had some logical bridges to cross, and some data to verify. Well the Zone has plenty of data, there you go. For me I feel the Zone still trumps Paleo though, because of the advice to avoid AA and saturated fat. The science seems to say avoiding those things and loading up on Polyphenols can lead to amazing health.


wrote …

I echo the earlier comments, it would be great to have this available to those who missed the live show.


wrote …

I was at a certification this weekend and missed the presentation. I hope that it will be available through the journal.


wrote …

Ya tony please put this on the journal!!!!!! in big parts too, its hard to wait so long for the smaller sections. MORE! I WANT MORE!!! lol


wrote …

We are going to be presenting the video in the Journal shortly (probably next week), but in the meantime, you can now watch the webcast via the same links above as Video on Demand.


replied to comment from Nainoa Kalama

Barry references work by Boyd eaton and other paleo diet researchers in all of his books. In other words, He bases his work on paleo diet principles. Since we are dealing with biology, you really cannot have it any other way.

Nainoa-I'm not sure where the idea that paleo advocates high intake of AA or sat'd fat. Check out prof. Loren Cordain's work on the topic for clarification. He has over a 100 peer reviewed publications at

Very powerful piece from Dr. Sears, huge resource for the CF community.


replied to comment from Robert Wolf

Wow! I got a reply from Robb Wolf! Thanks Robb. Hey, you are the man. Thanks for the input I will check out the link. My exposure to Paleo has been limited to what I could find online. I just didn't see the emphasis on the effects of AA and saturated fats on PK-Nb (I hope I got that right), and never got the impression to worry about the unlean meatts. Thanks for the input.
I started my evolution into the Zone about 5 months ago, and 345 lbs. Consistency in Crossfit and fighting to find a way to live in or near the Zone with Gout made things slow going(got me to 326 or so), but something about this broadcast clicked and I lost 10 pounds since. All this while improving my times and putting up some heavy weight. The idea that I should find a meal that would last me 4 hours resonated and I have been downing the eggs(usually with a lean turkey sausage or soemthing like that)and tons of veggies(via Gezpacho and soups)and some good fats. The cool thing is I am stuffed and not hungry for four hours, which is amazing for my fat butt. I will check out the link now. God Bless.


replied to comment from Robert Wolf

There it is on the first page, "lean meats and fish". I also recall now reading them saying that meat back then had way less fat then these fat heffers we raise now-a-days. My apologies for being ignorant. I was stoked on the broadcast and didn't know the camps were so close. Thanks again for your contributions to the community.


wrote …

Is this video archived somewhere? I cannot find it.

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