Pose Method Hill Running

By Dr. Nicholas Romanov

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November 22, 2009

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If you’re serious about CrossFit, you’re going to find yourself running up or down a hill at some point—perhaps at the CrossFit Games in Aromas, Calif. But how do you scale a hill quickly and efficiently?

According to Dr. Nicholas Romanov, inventor of the Pose Method, you only think about two things: falling and pulling. Stride length is completely irrelevant on a hill, and Dr. Romanov recommends athletes use his techniques to “fall forward” while pulling their feet off the ground. Gravity should take care of the rest.

Oddly enough, uphill running is easier because it forces heel strikers to inadvertently correct their mechanics and land on the forefoot. When running downhill, you keep your torso more vertical than you would normally with the Pose Method so gravity doesn’t overwhelm you and cause a fall.

The final part is to avoid mechanical and physiological changes due to the anticipation of hard work: see the hill without perceiving it. Then run.

Don’t think. Just run.

Video by CrossFit by Overload.

8min 47sec

Additional reading: The Basics of Pose Running Techniques by Brian MacKenzie, published Dec. 1, 2007.

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10 Comments on “Pose Method Hill Running”


wrote …

I felt "high" watching that video.


wrote …

Ahhh, what?


wrote …

Excellent information on Pose running.

I wish they have videoed how he moved his legs, so we can have a better visual picture.

Looking forward to see more from Dr. R.


wrote …



wrote …



wrote …

yeah, the accent is hard to understand at points, at the similarity to Borat is undeniable...maybe they should add subtitles?

but the info is legit. Pose has helped me tremendously.


replied to comment from Michael Tao

Check out the related video, "Intro to the POSE Method of Distance Running" by Mike Collins. He explains how to lift the feet.


wrote …

It is particularly important that the runner runs right in front of the camera, so the viewers can see how he manages the "Pose/Fall/Pull". There are some clips of Dr.R's running on the Posetech web but not a lot, this is a good one.

I have been pursueing Pose running for 2.5 years; I have all the books and DVDs, went to 1 to 1 clinics, and Brian M's. I think I have the basics down, as Dr. R said, "It is simple, but not easy." It just started to get easier for me. The perceptual part governs your execution, it takes time where the body parts are and how they work together.

Dr.R said that the progression in Pose running is open-ended; one will not progress to the extent that he does not need more sharpening in his perception.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Very informative!


wrote …

Great insight into hill running - and of course the best part is at the end of the video. Perception is everything. In Dr. R.'s "blind" tests heart rate goes up just looking at a hill. I wonder if a new mantra would work: "There is no hill!"

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