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November 29, 2009

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The benefits of exercise outweigh the risks, but planning ahead can ensure you’re protected when accidents do happen. Dr. Lon Kilgore suggests some ways to insulate yourself.

The mass consensus is that exercise is a healthy undertaking. The general population, including lawmakers and courts, has a preconceived notion that all exercise and sport is healthy, and that if injury occurs, someone has done something wrong. This, as a blanket statement, is of course incorrect.

As trainers, I believe it is important that the actual risks associated with training and competing are communicated to trainees, parents and everyone else who will listen. This dissemination is not intended to be alarmist in nature, but rather to be transparent to the people with whom we work.

People who are informed of the complete picture—the benefits of exercise and sport vs. the risks—will generally choose to participate anyway. The knowledge that we will become more fit or have a ton of fun playing outweighs the risk for most individuals. However, that sets up a pesky problem for exercise professionals. By taking a few steps to protect yourself, you can avoid a great deal of trouble when injuries do occur.

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wrote …

Another great article from Dr. Kilgore, ill keep those rules in mind when i become a trainer.
BTW i that is a great episode of metalocalypse lol



wrote …

Haven't read the article...just like seeing my Huskies in the picture...GO DAWGS!!

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