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Teaching the Log Press by Kurtis Bowler - CrossFit Journal

Teaching the Log Press

By Kurtis Bowler

In Sports Applications, Videos

November 23, 2009

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You wouldn’t want to use a log-pressing technique at a Level 1 Cert when the push press rolls around.

Similarly, a vertical torso in the strongman event of log pressing won’t help you move the giant weight overhead, so you actually have to lean back when you dip in preparation for a powerful drive. It’s certainly not the most ideal way to get a barbell overhead, but it’s the best way to move an awkward log.

“A lot of this stuff is going to put you in a bad position,” says Kurtis Bowler of Rainier CrossFit as he teaches an athlete how to get under a strongman log.

When Bowler’s athlete attacks the log herself, it consistently keeps rolling away from her during the drive because she’s been trained to dip and drive vertically. Once she corrects the angle of the dip by leaning way back, the log goes overhead.

Lesson learned: when going overhead, always keep any weight over your centre of gravity.

9min 40sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 87, originally aired Oct. 2, 2009.

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6 Comments on “Teaching the Log Press”


Tom Corrigan wrote …

Another great video from Kurtis at Rainier CF! I've had the pleasure of doing a kettlebell workshop at Rainier, and it was a great experience.

Trying to jerk an object up while leaning back is a skill unto itself. Here is a video which may help. This is a short clip of some Russian jerking a pair of 70 #/32kg KBs off their chest. The athletes are given ten minutes to do as many reps as possible without putting the KBs down.

The last guy shown is Anton Anasenko, who did 163 reps in 10 minutes. He weighs 85kg, so the total weight is about 75% of BW.

The key to doing this is keeping your glutes flexed as you dip, squeezing them hard as you rebound out of the fist dip. Your weight should remain on your heals as you dip then drive up, but you will go up on your toes as the weight passes your head.


wrote …

Great job, to both of you.


wrote …

CF Rainier is the real deal.

Kurtis is a beast!!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Nice clear presentation!
Great coaching & a determined athlete, what a combination!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Thanks for video clip!
Great stuff!


wrote …

Hey what are those pvc black tube oval shaped things in the back ground with the colored tape on them.

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