The Birth of CrossFit Kids

By Jeff and Mikki Martin

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November 03, 2009

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Can you imagine your Fran time if you hadn’t wasted 10 years doing biceps curls?

What if someone had taught you in college to squat below parallel instead of to barely crease your knees while “feeling the burn” in your quads?

How fit and functional would you be right now if you had never set foot in a Globo Gym?

Greg Glassman came up with the CrossFit Kids program to ensure young athletes don’t make the same mistakes their parents did. By starting kids on the right path, CrossFit Kids is creating safe movement patterns at a young age and setting children up for a lifetime of fitness.

Jeff and Mikki Martin of CrossFit Brand X run the CrossFit Kids program, and they explain how it went from an idea batted about over breakfast to a full-fledged training methodology that will help kids avoid the lure of three sets of eight reps on chest and tris, back and bis—grunting optional, flexing in the mirror mandatory.

“Our kids who are coming out of this program, they’re never going to see fitness as going to a 24 Hour Fitness,” Jeff explains. “They’re going to see fitness as going to a CrossFit box.”

Video by Again Faster.

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Additional reading: Getting an A in CrossFit by Vince Miserandino, published Feb. 4, 2009.



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wrote …

No, I think you've done an outstanding job of that.
But don't get lazy, lots of kids have never heard of this yet.

It feels like there's a part 2 to this?
Hopefully there is. I'd have to say this series has really captured the spirit of the CF Kids program and staff as I know it.
Great work Again Faster.


Webster Smith wrote …

Gilson and Crew,

Awesome! I just posted some thoughts about Malcolm Gladwell's philosophy of success as related to CrossFit and the world that Lindsey and my 23 month old daughter was born into. It will be exciting to see how much of an advantage she will have. I mean wow, she thinks burpees are fun...what kind of parents are we?? :) Check it out...

Web and Linds Smith


wrote …

Excellent video, and after watching it how can you not get to a cert. and get your kids going. They are some amazing kids alright.


wrote …

I will slightly disagree with one line of the blurb above. I am a CrossFit fan, and been corssfitting for a couple of years now. The one line I disagree with is:
“Our kids who are coming out of this program, they’re never going to see fitness as going to a 24 Hour Fitness,” Jeff explains. “They’re going to see fitness as going to a CrossFit box.”
CrossFit is NOT just abotu the box.. it's about the movements and the intensity and programming, and of course a lot more... but you can be a great crossfitter and be in incredible condition without EVER going to a box or working out with others... FITNESS is what CrossFit is about... that's my opinion.. I would love to see/ read what Coach's vantage is on this... since he is the creater and maintainer of crossfit's virtuosity and integrity.
I have 2 very young children and they are lucky because they will have me, and hopefully other good teachers (crossfit teachers as well) to help erode some of the exercise myths before they have to try them and fail many times like many of us have wasted our time with relatively weak programs or programs designed for totally opposite goals (ie bodybuilding programs for beginers, etc.)
My kids ENJOY exercise and if they're taught the proper technique and I vary the exercisess and eventually get them to work in an intense approach, then they'll be getting the most important qualities of CF in my opinion... of course it's great to have the kids exercise, socialize and work with others and communicate and work in team environments, and that's where a box is much more critical, in that all the good qualities of CF plus the programming tailered for children will be there.


Robert Guere wrote …

Open message to all trainers and affiliates. Get to Brand X. See how the Martin's do things. Do the same. Rinse. Repeat.

This is how we'll change the world, with the little ones. They need it, they want it, and it's our job to do it.


replied to comment from Anton Gross

I think it better to take what Jeff says as a whole rather than focus on isolated comments. He wasn't reading a carefully prepared speech, he was speaking off the cuff and from the heart. In doing that he may have used phrases that taken out of context don't completely embrace all of the concepts that CrossFit comprises.
It's a rare person who never mis-phrases a statement in casual conversation.
In his lectures and conversations Jeff talks more about kids seeing fitness as CrossFit than as a location and he pounds home two key concepts; CF has to be fun and kids have to be taught how to move.
The message I'd send people rather than focussing on correcting semantics is "If you don't agree with Jeff's quote in the blurb, watch all of the CF Kids videos, subscribe to the CF Kids magazine and if you can, get to a CF Kids cert to learn what CF Kids is and what it teaches".
Coach knows what the martins


replied to comment from Craig Massey

And I need to apologise to CrossFit Overload who made one of the recent CF Kids videos that I enjoyed so much.
Sorry for overlooking you.


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

iPhone format! You're back! I've missed you SO! Please never leave again!

I get what you are saying but I still think these kids have a big advantage of the CF Kids Box vs. home/garage. The game play, the postive peer environment (school is OFTEN a very negative peer environment) and of course the coaching.

Mo Kelsey (I hope I spelled correct) was a top competitor at the '09 games. Humble, good guy, great CrossFit athlete and did not workout at a CF Box. He is a great example of a top level CrossFitter who did it on his own but I will point out that as I was judging him at the NW Qualifier, I had to disqualify him on all of his Deadlift attempts (he got the third one on a 2/1 judge split descision). On a personal level I wanted him to get the lift because he was obvoiusly strong and fit and deserved to go to the games- but he was not locking out his knees at the top of the lift. I spoke with him at that event and he mentioned to me that he did not have the advantage of a coach to tell him this was a problem in his training. Obviously he addressed this issue between the NW Qual and the '09 Games but the point is that no matter how awesome you get doing CrossFit on your own, there will always be advantages of quality coaching.

I know this may not have been your intended argument but I thought I would throw this out there. I think having the kids associate fitness with a Cf Box vs. a 24hr Fiction is a valid statment. You are are correct though, in saying that it's not all about the Box.


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

Ya. What Craig said.


wrote …

Box is to CrossFit as Mascot is to school, Flag is to Country. The former encapsulate and celebrate the best of all that is the latter.

If a CrossFit Kid goes to a town that does not have an affiliate, he or she will invent their own box-even if it's just a makeshift gym in their dorm room where they work out alone.

These kids see fitness as the CrossFit model. That's why they'll never understand or frequent a 24-hour fitness.


wrote …

Bingo always reminds me of that bad guy from those stupid Saw movies...


wrote …

Jeff and Mikki Martin please call or e-mail me (207) 577-8397 or

Jacob A. Kendall
Lewiston, Me

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