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November 16, 2009

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After working his athletes through the clean and the first parts of the jerk, Coach Burgener completes the progression with the full split jerk.

Starting with the bar on the shoulders behind the head, the athletes work on a good dip with a vertical torso before jumping and landing in the receiving position with the bar locked out overhead. The next step is to start with the bar in the rack position and ensure a wide grip with the elbows lower than they would be in the receiving position for the clean.

The key to the movement is a vertical torso during the dip and drive. Athletes can get away with forward inclination with a PVC pipe, but larger weights will require better technique. Recovery should be initiated by pushing off the front foot first, then moving the back foot.

8min 28sec

Additional reading: Overhead Is Rising by Bill Starr, published Nov. 7, 2008.

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7 Comments on “Clean and Jerk Part 4—The Burgener Files”


wrote …

I think it's pretty interesting that there's no specific rule for how to get your face out of the way. I've never hit myself on the way up but I have scraped my nose on the way down and it's pretty impressive how much the face can bleed from a nick.

The older woman that's featured in this series either already knows these lifts coldly or has an absurd capacity for rapid learning. Either way, her form is fantastic. What a badass.


wrote …

Boy-oh-boy-oh-boy this is good stuff. I've been telling people to "chicken neck" their head out of the way now it's going to be "figure it out".


wrote …

Coach is right (of course) it doesn't take long to figure out once you clock yourself with the bar. The first time I tried doing the push press with a loaded bar I smacked my chin on the way up. It sent me & 135# bar stumbling backward about 6 feet. Thankfully no one was there to see it. No coaching needed after that, my chin is out of the way going overhead.


wrote …

I can't imagine that this is the one instance, of all of the things we do with a barbell, that it really doesn't matter what you do with your neck and your spine. At the very least there are things that we *shouldn't* do.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Great stuff, Coach!


wrote …

Coach B is fantastic. I love these videos. Thanks.


wrote …

Crossfit videos are outstanding. Fitness, nutrition, interviews, I love all of it. I am out on the main site daily and I have noticed that the production value of these videos has improved recently. What video editing software do you use?

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