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November 26, 2009

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Blair Morrison wins the Eleiko Scandinavian CrossFit Challenge but finds he isn’t the only victor. He believes it’s proof that CrossFit has created a new competitive standard.

It is late Monday night, and I have just returned from Halmstad, Sweden, the site of the 2009 Eleiko Scandinavian CrossFit Challenge. Even after five grueling WODs, countless hours in transit and a noticeably consistent lack of sleep, I’m still buzzing from the experience.

The combination of facility, staff and competitors created an atmosphere that permeated the competition—an atmosphere that reminded me very much of the Mid-Atlantic Qualifier I went to last April in Virginia Beach, and of the CrossFit Games in Aromas this past summer.

In total, this weekend consolidated my previous experiences with CrossFit events and enabled me to distill their essential characteristic: The most important victory is not that of the individual over the competition but of the individual over the event. Honestly, past a certain point in any WOD, I don’t think anyone truly cares about anything besides being done. All other concerns fade away, leaving a contest between the individual and the workout, a fight between will and pain. This is the new competitive standard.

I think it’s this unique element that keeps CrossFit competitive without seeing it devolve into the absolute, win/loss world of traditional sport. In fact, I don’t see it as a sport at all. It’s the element that I see saving the larger CrossFit program from the run-away success of the CrossFit Games. Without it, I think it would be very easy to lose sight of the primary goal of the model (fitness for every challenge in life) and to focus on other, less important aspects (fitness as a measure for comparison between individuals).

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5 Comments on “The Scandinavian CrossFit Challenge: CrossFit Europe Part 2”


wrote …

I can only say that Blair is a very intelligent human being. He also has a very keen eye to keep up with what is going on around him. I can only recommend the other Euro-boxes to inviting him to their affiliates. His experience and ideas might just help a few of the boxes trying to get started up over here. Other then that, he is a likable and easy going guest.


keep up the good work! Bou and I have been working on our du's and mu's a whole lot! ;-) Hopefully we will see you at the european qualifications over here.


CrossFit Ansbach


Dane Thomas wrote …

Blair, I was so impressed by your observations that I linked to your blog from my Facebook page.

When I worked as a physical therapist for professional athletes I did what I could to help my clients understand that their performance goals should be based on getting the most out of their own genetic potential with respect to the challenge at hand. Identify the controllable variables and strive to control them optimally. Be aware of the uncontrollable variables and prepare for them as best you can, but don't allow that which you cannot control to take focus away from that which you can and should.*

The fact that the audience picked up on that and rewarded what was truly the more impressive effort was heartwarming! I only hope that CF can continue in the same spirit in the years to come!

*Tonya Harding was not one of my patients, but Eva T was. ;-)


wrote …

Stellar effort and spot on observations, Blair.
It was an honor judging your final event.
When ou are heading for Sweden and Stockholm, shoot me an e-mail and we'll do our best to make your visit as painful and pleasant as possible :)

Take care!
/Rickard, CrossFit Nordic


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

Brilliantly written article, i especially liked the quote:

'Past a certain point in any WOD, I don’t think anyone truly cares about anything besides being done. All other concerns fade away, leaving a contest between the individual and the workout,a fight between will and pain.'


wrote …

Thank you for your kind words. It was fantastic to see you and all the other athletes push the limits and cheering eachother! Welcome back next time!

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