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December 15, 2009

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This is the third installment of the Complete 2009 CrossFit Games videos. Here is complete coverage of the Men’s Sandbag Sprint event.

The field was narrowed after the second event, with 10 of the 74 men’s competitors failing to advance. Next up was the sandbag hill sprint, the event that would turn out to be the most painful despite its short duration. The task was simple: sprint roughly 170 meters uphill while carrying two 35-lb. sandbags.

The top competitors covered the distance in 66 seconds or less, and the top male competitor, Sveinbjorn Sveinbjornsson, took just 61 seconds.

There are also interviews with: Patrick Barber, Brandon Pastorek, Jeff Leonard, Ricky Frausto, Steve Willis, Sveinbjorn Sveinbjornsson, James FitzGerald.

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18 Comments on “Part 3: Sandbag Sprint - Men’s 09 Games”


wrote …

Wow, that was quick! Thanks CrossFit!


Brian Bowen wrote …

That run was one of the most miserable experiences of my life!


wrote …

sux josh dropped his bag :(


wrote …

Unknown and Unknowable... This is life. Love it.

So inspirational, motivating and thought provoking. I only wish the "edited" down version of this could be shown into Schools all across NAmerica so that the youth of today could get the same inspiration as us. We need this as a society to become stronger in all areas, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Proud to be a member of the CrossFit Community.

Great job to the camera operators for getting the footage.


wrote …

Thanks to Sevan and HQ for the great footage!


wrote …

Where are the female crossfitters on all of these presentations?? Are they coming in later installments?


wrote …

The women's events will be posted in the same order and in the same increments after the completion of the men's events. Can't wait to see those rockin' awesome women GET DOWN!!!

Crossfitters are all so pure and hardcore, but there is something special about watching women pushing their limits... I guess I just don't get the chance to witness women going all out as frequently, or in the same ways, as men. Good stuff


wrote …



replied to comment from Rolf Mei▀ner

Thanks Rolf!

It was a monumental task this year. I am so happy it is out for all to enjoy.


wrote …

Another totally amazing and inspiring vid. Made me laugh and shed a tear too (I don't know why I get affected like that - I guess it's the passion in the performances). Again, thanks to all those involved for taking the time and trouble putting these videos together.

Apart from all the incredible performances, Chris Spealler's comments (starting ~ 22:50) were gold. And after hearing Josh Everett talking about his prep for the games, I literally felt pain when he dropped a sandbag.


wrote …

I hate waiting a whole day in between! Just kidding Sevan. Thanks for all your hard work.


wrote …

Spealler is one of the best guys I know, and Josh is a class act. Only met Josh at the games but he is very humble and a fierce competitor.


wrote …

Very inspiring! I am heading out at 8:00 am on Saturday to run some wicked hill sprints with my CF buddies. I invited my boss along, haha, to which he responded "Ain't no way in hell I am getting up on Saturday morning and running up and down hills. My buddies call me on a Saturday, it's because we are going to watch a football game." haha Gotta love it!


wrote …

Thanks Sevan and crew for the fantastic footage! I can't imagine all the hours of footage you had to go through to get this product. Also, I'm glad they are coming in these shorter installments, or I would have likely had one very unproductive day watching all this footage.


wrote …

If these videos don't help you get new PR's I don't know what will. After watching the one yesterday set a new PR in the back squat. How these guys and gals do it after a 7k of doom is just amazing. Crossfit works!


wrote …

Josh Everett is an incredible athlete and one of the original firebreathers. It was difficult to watch him struggle with the sandbags. You could almost see it on his face when he realized he had just lost any chance of winning the games. Hope to see Josh back for the 2010 games.


wrote …

Just want to thank HQ for making these videos available to us all. I never truly knew what the games were all about until seeing these, f'ing crazy, in a good way.


wrote …

Three days in and Pat Barber is my new hero. He's exactly my height and weight, and after seeing him deadlift 50lb more than my PB yesterday, watching him kill it up that hill ahead of the big guys was absolutely inspirational.

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