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December 16, 2009

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This is the fourth installment of the Complete 2009 CrossFit Games videos. Here is complete coverage of the Men’s Sledge/Row Event.

The hopper model tests an athlete’s ability to perform proficiently at random physical challenges. Along those lines, the fourth event required driving a four-foot-long blunt stake into evenly packed ground with an 8-lb. sledgehammer. To complicate matters, the stake drive was bookended by 500-meter rows.

While some athletes had worked with strongman sledges or spent time beating a tire, most admitted the event provided their first exposure to this kind of task. Other athletes such as firefighter Jeff Tincher and former construction worker Tommy Hackenbruck were well acquainted with the sledge and buried the stake with ease.

There are interviews with: Josh Wagner, Josh Everett, Lance Mosley, Ricky Frausto, Lance Cantu, Patrick Barber, Michael (BrOPT) FitzGerald, Rob Orlando, Jeff Leonard.

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22 Comments on “Part 4: Sledge/Row - Men’s 09 Games”


wrote …

Video links missing


wrote …

No links? I've been waiting all day, suck deal!!!


replied to comment from Matthew Bahosh

A ton of work went into these videos and they are being uploaded for free. How bout a bit of patience?


wrote …

Yes im sure the links will be fixed soon :)

Im really loving them, quality is awesome, very well put together guys, cheers


wrote …

If you are gonna use the nickname - which I did not come up with by the way, then use brOPT. Just for my own purposes!


wrote …

Love how long these videos are. Great to see so much action.


wrote …

hahahah i love it James! I will forever use brOPT.

Every time i watch these vids my heart starts racing really fast and I cant bring it down for about an hr...


wrote …

Pat, does that mean that you're watching them intensely?


wrote …

It actually means im getting more fit as i watch them.


wrote …

Pat your dance after the row was hilariouse, its all about comitment to a joke and you got it lol.



Jay Ashman wrote …

I'm loving these videos of the events. A lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice went into training for the Games. Good work to all competitors.


wrote …

I love the Videos and the fact that there free is even better. I dont think the quality could get any better. I do have one question are they going to show the Female competitions also. this was a bid discusion after every second counts cause no females were on the movie. does anyone know?


wrote …

While the videos are very cheap in price ($0.07 per day that gives all the other membership benefits), they are definitely high priced in quality.

To Victor Cruz: The female and affiliate portions of the videos will be put out once a day starting next week. This is mentioned in the article for the first video.


wrote …

Anyone have any times for the C2 row sections of this event? Particularly the second 500m.

How on earth Tommy rowed 1k and hammered all those pins home in just 4m 36s I'll never know. Awesome.


wrote …

Great videos. Thanks to everyone who took the time to put them together!!


wrote …

I am with Pat on these videos. They are awesome. I feel like a real man as I watch them. LMAO!!

Thank you CrossFit. You can officially count me in on the cult following.

I was actually thoroughly impressed to see some guys my size (160lbs) competing. That's amazing.


wrote …

If there's a bustle in your sledgerow - don't be alarmed now.


wrote …

Anyone else having trouble with the HD version hanging around 37:27?? Downloaded it multiple times and it still does it.

Awesome work on the videos... many thanks for putting them out there.


Dane Thomas wrote …

The video clearly shows that there were practical issues that made the sledge part of the competition inconsistent, thus favoring certain competitors over others. I understand that the ground was prepared in such a way as to try to make things as even as possible, but it didn't work as planned. It may be impossible to quantify exactly what effect it had on the individuals involved, but it is a lesson to keep in mind for future games.


Dane, what were those practical issues? I didn't see any myself other than some guys being a lot more coordinated than others and I don't that's a fairness issue.


replied to comment from Christopher Kamper

Christopher - Hilarious, i think those are the actual lyrics


wrote …

Anyone with a guess on how many strokes they used for the sledge?
I could be used as a workout with sledgehammer on a tyre...

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